Top Popular Boys and Girls Baby Names: ideas for 2008 baby names

2008 baby names aren’t likely to change much from the last 2 or 3 years. each year there are minor differences in which names are on their way up and which are on the way down…  Here is a list of the top 20 boys names and top 20 girls names for the last few years according to the social security card registration database. The top 100 names of 2005 are also listed. The most  popular 2007 baby names are expected to be nearly identical to the most popular baby names of 2006, but it won’t be released until next Spring.

Top 20 boys and girls baby names

1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Abigail
5 Ethan Olivia
6 Andrew Isabella
7 Daniel Hannah
8 Anthony Samantha
9 Christopher Ava
10 Joseph Ashley
11 William Sophia
12 Alexander Elizabeth
13 Ryan Alexis
14 David Grace
15 Nicholas Sarah
16 Tyler Alyssa
17 James Mia
18 John Natalie
19 Jonathan Chloe
20 Nathan Brianna




And here are the top 100 baby names for both boys and girls, from 2005:


1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Abigail
5 Ethan Olivia
6 Andrew Isabella
7 Daniel Hannah
8 Anthony Samantha
9 Christopher Ava
10 Joseph Ashley
11 William Sophia
12 Alexander Elizabeth
13 Ryan Alexis
14 David Grace
15 Nicholas Sarah
16 Tyler Alyssa
17 James Mia
18 John Natalie
19 Jonathan Chloe
20 Nathan Brianna
21 Samuel Lauren
22 Christian Ella
23 Noah Anna
24 Dylan Taylor
25 Benjamin Kayla
26 Logan Hailey
27 Brandon Jessica
28 Gabriel Victoria
29 Zachary Jasmine
30 Jose Sydney
31 Elijah Julia
32 Angel Destiny
33 Kevin Morgan
34 Jack Kaitlyn
35 Caleb Savannah
36 Justin Katherine
37 Austin Alexandra
38 Evan Rachel
39 Robert Lily
40 Thomas Megan
41 Luke Kaylee
42 Mason Jennifer
43 Aidan Angelina
44 Jackson Makayla
45 Isaiah Allison
46 Jordan Brooke
47 Gavin Maria
48 Connor Trinity
49 Aiden Lillian
50 Isaac Mackenzie
51 Jason Faith
52 Cameron Sofia
53 Hunter Riley
54 Jayden Haley
55 Juan Gabrielle
56 Charles Nicole
57 Aaron Kylie
58 Lucas Katelyn
59 Luis Zoe
60 Owen Paige
61 Landon Gabriella
62 Diego Jenna
63 Brian Kimberly
64 Adam Stephanie
65 Adrian Alexa
66 Kyle Avery
67 Eric Andrea
68 Ian Leah
69 Nathaniel Madeline
70 Carlos Nevaeh
71 Alex Evelyn
72 Bryan Maya
73 Jesus Mary
74 Julian Michelle
75 Sean Jada
76 Carter Sara
77 Hayden Audrey
78 Jeremiah Brooklyn
79 Cole Vanessa
80 Brayden Amanda
81 Wyatt Ariana
82 Chase Rebecca
83 Steven Caroline
84 Timothy Amelia
85 Dominic Mariah
86 Sebastian Jordan
87 Xavier Jocelyn
88 Jaden Arianna
89 Jesse Isabel
90 Devin Marissa
91 Seth Autumn
92 Antonio Melanie
93 Richard Aaliyah
94 Miguel Gracie
95 Colin Claire
96 Cody Isabelle
97 Alejandro Molly
98 Caden Mya
99 Blake Diana
100 Carson Katie

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147 thoughts on “Top Popular Boys and Girls Baby Names: ideas for 2008 baby names”

  1. I have 2 boys: Andrew Nicklaus & William Davis. I think boys should have masculine names! I like the following:
    Alissa Brookelyn
    Baylor Grace
    Anna Morgan
    Carley Ann
    Mari Caylan
    Grant Matthew
    Blakely Grahm
    Jackson Claye

  2. WHAT????? AVA is MY name, now people are abusing it! It is not even supposed to be in the top 1000! I am going to cry. This is wrong. PLEASE DONT NAME YOUR KID AVA

  3. My name isn’t anywhere up there at all… but I like that about it. It’s unique. I look at these lists because I want to make sure that my kids’ names are as unique as mine. Sure there are other’s in the world with my name.. I’ve met a couple.. but the point is, it’s rare to find them. Those names on the list are great but, personally, I would like to have the beauty, complication and unique-ness :-) of the names of my children to directly reflect that of themselves

  4. Wow everyone…You all need to chill out…
    It’s just names…Calm down already, jeeze. It’s not that hard…
    Anyways, the names Savannah and Noah are adorable! :)

  5. Well…the names Sarah and Joshua are also adorable…It’s such a hard pick…:/
    I shouldn’t be worrying about this already, but I’m really looking forward to have kids! :D
    My boyfriend doesn’t want any kids though…:( I’m going to try to convince him somehow…

  6. I hate how many Heathers there are in the world…used to be in the top names in the 70s and 80s. But my middle name (Christine) ROCKS. I like the spelling Crystene.

    Names I like that I want to pick from for my future kids:
    Anastasia Sylvia Grace (Stacia)
    Alexandra Honor Faith (Honor)
    Adelaide Sonnet Crystene (Laidey)
    Ariel Cadence Merit (Ariel)
    Aledra Lorelai Marie (Aledra)

    Micah Tyler (Micah)
    Christopher Aidan Lee (Cal –acronyms are awesome!)
    Chandler Titus (Chandler)
    Timothy Logan (Logan)
    Declan Joseph (Declan)

    Tell me what you think!

    (Annnnnd #41, Aurora Rain rocks…maybe try Rhaine or Rayne though?)

  7. I don’t get it really. It doesn’t matter how you spell it or say it. It is up to the parents choice on there kids name. If they like they like it. Like one of my cousins name is Porter. I like it it stands out of the crowd and it is unique. SO STOP BEING MEAN IT IS THE PARENTS CHOICE AND NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I would like to say to everyone that reads this that just cause these names are popular to some people doesnt mean it has to appeal to you. I have son that is 3 1/2 and his name wasnt mentioned once on there. Well im totally happy with that for the fact that he’ll not be sharing the same name as everyone else….

  9. um i think its kind of silly that u guys are obsessing over this i think it is very interestin if your namee isnt on the list becasue it makes u uniqe

  10. errr your name is princess yours definatly wont ever be on the list its not even a name get a life and a better name

  11. brooklynn quinn
    jocelynn hope
    Meghan lynn
    autumn lee

    jace or jase anthony
    blake nicholos
    knox alexander
    colby ryan

  12. My absolute favorite all time name is margaues
    (prounounced MAR-GO) i love it i think it will be popular soon!!!

  13. My husband and I are having our first child soon. We really like Jackson because it’s my husband’s family name but what in the world do you put with it. Jackon ____ or ____Jackson??

  14. Let your kid be unique. Don’t pick a name on the top 100 list. Take it from someone who knows…my name is number 1, and has been number 1 for years. Don’t do that to your kid. It gets annoying knowing hundreds of people with your name.

  15. hey Carly this is for you i dont really like the name joel either i like the name aiden by the way my name not really aiden and for all u parents crying on the enternet about how yo childes name not on there toffen up u babies it gets anoing

  16. omg why use all arguing over names iot dont matter whos 1st or lst its ure name thts all tht matters at least u have a name gd sake use r actin like blimin 2 year old mann shut the heck up

    some girl names *


    boys *


  17. i think that the name Niamh is beautiful and the way it is spelt is different, it’s very popular nowdays and i am very pleased to have called my baby daughter such a beautiful name.
    i am also pregnant with twins at the moment and i am going to call them Bradley and Cassidy Eva

  18. My husband and I were thinking of what we could name our baby boy but I cannot think of what sounds good with Micah as the middle name? Trying to fit a cute first name it there that works? Any ideas?

  19. My name is Emmalie. It is pronounced like ‘Emily’ so I’m pretty sure it still count as number 1. That’s sucky, I know a TON of Emilys and Emmas

  20. My name is ellie but is spelt like elly i am unique (well maybe not) actually my full name is elly rose

    woooop!1 whooop!!

    i dont care where my name is on this stupid list anyway its a LISY hellloooo to care if your name is on there is soooo sad!!!

  21. My name is definitely not going to be up there. it’s definitely a name people have to take a double look. it’s unique suckaaaaz.

  22. Every state has a Department of Vital Records where all births are reported. That’s how they get the names. I work for one and see these same names day after day. The parents that come up with strange spellings for the kid are only causing problems for them down the road. They’ll have to spell out their name for everyone the rest of their lives, how annoying.

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