Top Popular Boys and Girls Baby Names: ideas for 2008 baby names

2008 baby names aren’t likely to change much from the last 2 or 3 years. each year there are minor differences in which names are on their way up and which are on the way down…  Here is a list of the top 20 boys names and top 20 girls names for the last few years according to the social security card registration database. The top 100 names of 2005 are also listed. The most  popular 2007 baby names are expected to be nearly identical to the most popular baby names of 2006, but it won’t be released until next Spring.

Top 20 boys and girls baby names

1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Abigail
5 Ethan Olivia
6 Andrew Isabella
7 Daniel Hannah
8 Anthony Samantha
9 Christopher Ava
10 Joseph Ashley
11 William Sophia
12 Alexander Elizabeth
13 Ryan Alexis
14 David Grace
15 Nicholas Sarah
16 Tyler Alyssa
17 James Mia
18 John Natalie
19 Jonathan Chloe
20 Nathan Brianna




And here are the top 100 baby names for both boys and girls, from 2005:


1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Abigail
5 Ethan Olivia
6 Andrew Isabella
7 Daniel Hannah
8 Anthony Samantha
9 Christopher Ava
10 Joseph Ashley
11 William Sophia
12 Alexander Elizabeth
13 Ryan Alexis
14 David Grace
15 Nicholas Sarah
16 Tyler Alyssa
17 James Mia
18 John Natalie
19 Jonathan Chloe
20 Nathan Brianna
21 Samuel Lauren
22 Christian Ella
23 Noah Anna
24 Dylan Taylor
25 Benjamin Kayla
26 Logan Hailey
27 Brandon Jessica
28 Gabriel Victoria
29 Zachary Jasmine
30 Jose Sydney
31 Elijah Julia
32 Angel Destiny
33 Kevin Morgan
34 Jack Kaitlyn
35 Caleb Savannah
36 Justin Katherine
37 Austin Alexandra
38 Evan Rachel
39 Robert Lily
40 Thomas Megan
41 Luke Kaylee
42 Mason Jennifer
43 Aidan Angelina
44 Jackson Makayla
45 Isaiah Allison
46 Jordan Brooke
47 Gavin Maria
48 Connor Trinity
49 Aiden Lillian
50 Isaac Mackenzie
51 Jason Faith
52 Cameron Sofia
53 Hunter Riley
54 Jayden Haley
55 Juan Gabrielle
56 Charles Nicole
57 Aaron Kylie
58 Lucas Katelyn
59 Luis Zoe
60 Owen Paige
61 Landon Gabriella
62 Diego Jenna
63 Brian Kimberly
64 Adam Stephanie
65 Adrian Alexa
66 Kyle Avery
67 Eric Andrea
68 Ian Leah
69 Nathaniel Madeline
70 Carlos Nevaeh
71 Alex Evelyn
72 Bryan Maya
73 Jesus Mary
74 Julian Michelle
75 Sean Jada
76 Carter Sara
77 Hayden Audrey
78 Jeremiah Brooklyn
79 Cole Vanessa
80 Brayden Amanda
81 Wyatt Ariana
82 Chase Rebecca
83 Steven Caroline
84 Timothy Amelia
85 Dominic Mariah
86 Sebastian Jordan
87 Xavier Jocelyn
88 Jaden Arianna
89 Jesse Isabel
90 Devin Marissa
91 Seth Autumn
92 Antonio Melanie
93 Richard Aaliyah
94 Miguel Gracie
95 Colin Claire
96 Cody Isabelle
97 Alejandro Molly
98 Caden Mya
99 Blake Diana
100 Carson Katie

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147 thoughts on “Top Popular Boys and Girls Baby Names: ideas for 2008 baby names

  1. Im Emily And The Most Popularr,
    But Whenn I Have A Baby If Its A Girl
    Ill Call It Leyla And If Its A Boy Ill Call It Joey =]

  2. who thinks the name jessica is a good name that comes in the top 10 nealry every year, someone please answer back :)

  3. Heyya
    im wrinting in again cause all the mistakes i writen sorry
    well my name is carly and i think its a very nice and sweet name adn it should be in the charts at least #20
    my mothers pregnant and she is calling the girl caitlyn and the boy joel witch are good names but i dont really like joel someone write abck and tell my a good name for a boyy please something modern and cute thanks

  4. this is to brittany

    i would have to say eva rose its a verry nice adn pretiouse naem
    good luck

  5. i love love love the names: chanel, romany raquel, jocelyn rose, salena…..i could go on and on…. im havin a girl and im namin her chanel rose……. for a boy i love rocky elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. girls:
    romany raquel
    chanel rose
    jocelyn(jocy) rose
    salena marie
    rocky elvis

  7. i think amy should be on there i no millions of amy’s but they are all spelt diffenly … like that matters

  8. im suprusised my name is 2nd i only no a few emma’s.. also no affence but all my 35 years ive lived on this earthe ive neva herd of these names mia, ava, brianna, alyssa, there in the top 20!!!! (well ive herd of brianna but it was on the cinderella story….)

  9. I don’t know if this name is popular but it is another way of spelling Zachary. I made it up!
    I think it’s cute the way it’s spelled!
    DO YOU LIKE IT?????

  10. So I am wondering what part of this do 95% of you not understand??? The list has nothing to do with the general cuteness or how much an individual likes a name. The lists are a factual representation of the most commonly used names for babies born within the specified years. And as for Brittney… were all 100 of the Brittney’s that live in your neighborhood born around the years 2005-2006? Because those are the years these lists are representing. Are you older than 3 yourself? I am assuming that you are because you are posting on here. So think about it… maybe the name Brittney would have been on a list about 12 years ago when a lot of the girls that are named Brittney were actually being born.

  11. My name isn’t up there :(

    I kinda figured it wouldn’t because it isnt that common but still……….whatev

  12. you guys think your name is unpopular? my sister’s name is Carlyn (pronounced car-lin, for you dummies out there)after a little german (i think) girl my mom babysat when she was twelve. whenever we went on vacation and they had the name keychains we’d see Carly, Caroline, Carol, etc. we’d see everything but her name. at least some of you have names that are printed on keychains, so STOP WHINING!!

  13. If you give your child a Unisex name, you set them up for a lifetime of issues. Whenever they send an email or a letter, people are going to question who they are – what they look like – what gender they should be looking for at the interview etc.

    Do yourself and your child a favor and give your boys MASCULINE names. Jayden, Adrian, Hayden are metrosexual names that sound like women. Do your sons a favor.

    Also, enough with the stupid spellings – trying to be cute. Brian is not spelled Bryan. Jamie is not spelled Jaime. James is not spelled Jaymes. Give your kids a break…man.

  14. I’m a teacher, and basically any names which are not spelt correctly or in the traditional way are percieved as “common” ie. for Chavs in school.
    If you want your child to be taken seriously by his / her teachers in school, don’t call him “Zacuri” or her “Tiffeny”.
    Spelling is important and it says a lot about you.

  15. first i am #82. woot.
    Second I think different spellings are cute. I mean i would never name any child Tiffany in the first place (no offense, but it isnt that cute, and it was my dogs name). But I have a daughter already, named Rhianna (Ree-ana), or Anna. And if we have a boy I am naming him Jakob, and calling him Jak. I think that is so much cuter. Its a little bit of a twist on a normal name, without naming my kid apple or peanut or something.
    And I also think that unisex names can be cute, but more for girls. Like Logan is such a cute girls name, so is Ryan.

  16. i am goin in to be induced at midnight and im having a girl and this is what her name is goin to be.

  17. Im having a girl in two monthsand Im naming her Nevaeh Daniella.
    Mine name has never been too popular and I kinda like it that way =)

  18. I’m glad my name isn’t on this list that means im too exclusive and unique to be on that list, an by the way just in case you can’t say my name it’s [tah-lay-yah]

  19. if i have a girl its going to be either : Hannah , Lilly , Norah or Leighla..

    if i have a boy : Calum or Nathan

    :) x

  20. Why is everyone bragging that their names are on the list? I am disapointed mine is personally I like to be unique.

  21. i am pregnant with twin girls and i am due in february i still cant decide on names out of these 5 which two are best?:
    Caitlin Faith
    Brielle Grace
    Alyson Hope
    Savonnah Jade
    Liliana Raine

  22. Why isn’t Anne there? It’s popular and nice…. if i have a girl I’ll name mine Ava, Emma, Alyssa, or Ella and if i have a boy I’ll name mines Ryan, Aaron, or Christian..

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