Top 2008-2009 Girl Baby Names

2008-2009 is a new year and that means new baby names. You might think naming a baby is easy and you would be wrong. There are lots of factors to consider with each one being equally important to the person who is doing the naming. When it comes to girl baby names, parents tend to … Read more

Top 2008-2009 Boy Baby Names

The top baby names for boys have changed a bit in 2008-2009 from last year. There are some mainstays on the list that don’t look like they are fit to change anytime soon, but parents have done their best to get a bit more creative in 2008-2009. The list of boys’ names is still heavy … Read more

Boy Baby Name Database: Meaning and Origin. Page 33

Name Meaning Origin Zaine Variant of Zane or John. English Zair guest arabian Zak Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English Zakari Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English Zakariyya a prophet’s name; meaning unknown arabic Zakary Variant of Zachariah and Zachary. English Zaki smart arabic Zaki Smart Arabic Zakiy pure arabic Zale power of the sea … Read more