McCain Romney Ticket Now Only Viable Option. Romney will be McCain’s VP.


A McCain Romney Ticket is now the only viable option, in spite of their intensified feuding in recent days. McCain has to choose Romney as his VP.



Can McCain and Romney put aside their differences and their bitter battle wounds, and become the republican ticket? They don’t have much choice. Personal disdain aside, a McCain Romney ticket would be the strongest one the GOP can put together to have a chance at fighting the recently chummy Clinton-Obama Dream Ticket.

 McCain and Romney have been feuding quite a bit recently.  I’ll skip going down a long list of examples, including a few from the California debate about whether Romney did or did not state he supported a troop pull out time line. But here’s just one quick quote from Romney’s chief spokesman, Kevin Madden: “McCain has a troubling history of neglecting substantive issues and getting personal in his attacks against those who happen to disagree with him. It’s the McCain way.” Some would argue Mitt hasn’t exactly stayed above the fray himself…   

It won’t be easy for the two foes to pretend to like each other. There will be some awkward moments, to be sure, as they try a little too hard to pretend to be on the same page, when they have been reading different books.  But here are some reasons a McCain Romney ticket would be strong, and is really the only good choice the Republicans have:


1. McCain is on record of saying he doesn’t really get economics. Not a great quote to have fired at you when it’s now suddenly the economy stupid. Romney as VP would instill some confidence and expertise into the party, at least in perception.


2. Age. McCain is no spring rooster anymore, even if he is known for being a bit cocky at times. He has had some  health issues in the past and even has a permanently swollen cheek to show for the cancer that was once there. It’s obvious he needs a younger running mate. And a good looking one doesn’t hurt either.


3. Mitt is new blood in an election year where the only thing that hasn’t changed is the call for change.  Maverick McCain needs a Washington outsider.


4. Mitt’s got the money.  An ancient proverb goes: All else being equal, choose a running mate who can throw in an extra 50 million without blinking.  Enough said.


5. There’s still a lot of argument about just how conservative Romney really is, and just what prompted his sudden turn arounds.  But there are undoubtedly ways he is more conservative than McCain, and while he doesn’t satisfy the religious conservatives much, even Rush thinks he’s the last man standing for conservatives.


6. Who the hell else is McCain gonna choose for Vice President? Really? 


Huckabee has already said too many extreme things to be taken seriously as a VP who could become the President. 


Thompson’s poll numbers plummeted and it just shows to go that sometimes it’s better to remain an unsung hero than to start singing about yourself.  Once the IDEA of Thompson was replaced by the grumpy unmotivated (at least in perception) Thompson, things got pretty sour pretty quick. You listening Al Gore? Once you give them what they wanted, they don’t want it so much any more.

 Rudy?  See above. Same song different verse. But he could well be Attorney General. Jeb Bush? Hardly worth a mention. If only he had changed his last name to something less Bushy… 

Bill Frist? No momentum. No Pizazz. No real help. No thanks.  If McCain was rock solid, maybe. But he needs a really strong pillar as VP. He needs a fist. Not a frist.

 Bloomberg?  What? Bloomberg? What is that name doing here? Well, admittedly, it’s not a likely fit. But if Bloomberg runs as an independent, he’ll pull more from the republicans than democrats, and cause the republicans to lose.  So he’s a wild card. A rich one.  It’s not at all likely to happen this way, but it’s interesting to keep his name floating around, because no one knows yet how his part in this will play out.  

But in short, a McCain Romney ticket is the strongest the republicans have to offer. And their best chance of beating a Clinton Obama ticket.  Is it settling for less than many republicans had hoped? Yes. Is there confusion and even shock that there wasn’t a better candidate in the mix, when there was 8 years to prepare? Yes.  But it’s the best they got. They gotta go with it.  McCain Romney 2008.

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16 thoughts on “McCain Romney Ticket Now Only Viable Option. Romney will be McCain’s VP.”

  1. While McCain is guilty of dirty tricks, liberal Nixonian tactics and out and out lying! As a conservative I would only vote for the idiot in the general election if Romney is the VP. A promise by Mccain to die the day after he takes the oath of office would help too :)

    This duo would bring the conservatives back on track. Any other options would fail! I don’t want my whitehouse blemished again.

  3. Just do it. If Mitt and John don’t always see eye to eye, that’s a good thing. Mitt brings balance to the ticket. A huck would bring nothing but kissing the ring. Gore did not like Clinton. Reagan picked Bush only because Bush was his closest rival. Kennedy did the same with LBJ. Sometimes having someone on your ticket who is not the same with a different shirt on, is a good thing.
    And it’s always a good thing when Huckabee goes home to re register at walmart.

  4. What a great ticket this would be. WE need John McCain feistness toward saving America from extremist and Romney to save our enonomy. A winning ticket all the way to the white house.

    Two great men, their differences is wonderful, they represent America the best of all the candidates out there.

  5. I agree!!! The economy is in shambles right now and McCain NEEDS Romney’s economic strengths. They would be a great combination!

  6. Romney makes sense. He could run the country better than McCain. This would set Mitt up to run for President later on. He is one of the few politicians I trust. He is no Rock Star like Obama, just a solid responsible man that can make a difference. What real experience has Obama had?

  7. I think we would all be devastated if McCain chooses anyone else but Mitt!He is the only truly qualified candidate.The others would be good…. but beatable.We need dynamic,and he would make McCain look dynamic! We have already lost too much time to educate the public on anyone new.Everyone knows Romney now,and he has a great reputation for taking action,which is what we need on the economy,immediately following the election!

  8. This conservative evangelical Christian wants to see Romney as the VP. He’s an economic genius, he’s a solid family man, and has shown himself to be a more and more solidly conservative statesman over the years. Flip-flops? No way, we all grow as people and I used to hold some liberal views as well…a sincere change of mind is not a flip-flop. He’s the only thing that would get the Republican base excited about this election, and would mean a landslide win for McCain. MCCAIN-ROMNEY O8, all the way!

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