Clinton-Obama Ticket: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the same ticket

Is a Clinton-Obama Dream Ticket on it’s way? Are Hillary and Barack soon to be running mates?  Would Obama be Hillary Clinton’s VP? Would Hillary be Obama’s

Since the debate on Thursday night, January 31, 2008- the first time Clinton and Obama debated alone, there has been major buzz about that possibility.  And with an essential tie (going to Obama) on Super Tuesday, they both have strong support throughout the country.

 If Hillary wins the nomination, would Obama agree to be VP? And vice versa?

 There are lots of arguments that neither one would be excited about the idea.  But there’s another angle.  If Hillary wins, there will be TREMENDOUS pressure from the people to choose Obama as VP/ What does he bring to the table? Enthusiasm, hope and young people who may not bother to vote for “over the Hill” Hillary Clinton.  But the people will rise up and ask him to accept, and be in a position to be President in 8 years.  And in spite of personal reservations, he cannot decline.  Hillary wouldn’t be excited about having a VP so popular that half the dems are just waiting for him to take the lead. But she cannot choose someone else. the pressure is too strong.

 And if Obama wins, would Hillary be VP? It’s hard to picture her in that roll. She’s too big for vp.  And age would be a real factor in 8 years. It doesn’t seem as likely. And yet, who could Obama choose that would bring over the Clinton voters? And what about the many many women who were excited about a woman at such a high level?

What do you think? Will there be a Clinton Obama ticket? What about an Obama Clinton ticket? Now that super Tuesday has come and gone, it’s looking more and more likely this could go all the way until the Denver Democratic convention before this is all worked out, and a joint ticket may be the only way to get either party to stand down.

Your thoughts?

Would  you rather see Hillary Obama or Obama Hillary?  Would they choose each other for VP?

 It’s interesting to look at long term scenarios, but elections aren’t really about 8 years from now. They are about today.  So TODAY, is the democratic Dream Team Ticket of Obama and Hillary Clinton the best possible ticket?

 What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Clinton-Obama Ticket: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the same ticket”

  1. Now We’re Contemplating the Dream Ticket…?

    Let’s be candid … it’s way too early to choose a VP for Hillary or visa versa.

    However, I’m going to go out on a lim here.

    At this point, Hillary should really consider John Edwards at the top list based on socio-psychological models at this time.

    On the other hand, if Barack were to get the nod … I believe he is best served by choosing Hillary as his running mate (He get’s former President Clinton as well). The calculations for selecting a VP candidate for Barack become much more complicated based on the present make-up of our nations socio-psychological mix. He has less wingle room. John Edwards doesn’t have the same affect on his candidacy as it would for Hillary. The reasoning for this is because of the psychological make up of voters and maximizing on the strength of a political party’s base.

    This hypothesis is more contingent on John McCain being selected the GOP’s Nominee for Barack than for Hillary.

    Hillary has an underlying strength far from being married to an ex-president… it’s based on her radicalization of ideas and a misinterpreted respect from the Republican moderates that most liberals don’t fully understand or see. Hillary is not Bill Clinton… Hillary will attract a large number of moderate conservatives and the GOP will be “stunned” and scratching their heads for years asking themselves “how can this be?” …

    I would comment more but I’m not in a generous mood having been given seven years of damnation from the “good old boys” from Texas… :)

    May this Nation Awaken and Never Close it’s Eyes Again!

  2. This would be a losing ticket for Obama. Many people(50%) who will not vote for Hillary under Any circumstances, but liked Obmama, will be forced to find an alternative. Hillary has strong negatives and a history of corruption that would hurt Obmama were they to share a ticket. Hillary’s Washington establishment politics, complete with scores to settle and favors to repay, would also taint Obama. I believe a Hillary/Obama ticket would lose it for the Democrats. Obama/Edwards is the dream and the winning ticket

  3. Gosh I think Obama/Clinton would be fantastic, I am a woman and I feel like I need to be a Woman supporter for Clinton but I love what Obama has to say… Where can I see this question being answered in a Forum? Would love to see the various submissions…

  4. I ask you this. Has Hilary EVER answered a tough question directly. NO. I have watched numerous interviews and she has avoided with great skill any question she doesn’t want to answer. So, my question is: how can you trust someone like that?
    I am an woman so no one can accuse me of being against her for that. I actually like her aggressive nature and assertiveness. I think her dishonestly and evasive is what should keep her from ever being President of the United States and she should have NEVER been elected to the Senate.

  5. Yes Yes Yes… We would get the experience and the tenacity of Hillary along with the vision and authenticity of Obama… I personally am not completely sold on either candidate alone, but together, the thought gives me chill bumps…

    Here’s another question… WHY does everyone keep saying it’s premature to discuss VP choices? A VP role is extremely important, and the public doesn’t get a choice in that selection. Why not?

  6. Hillary/Obama but I still think McCain was and still is planning on Guilani as his running mate. It’s obvious McCain and Romney don’t like each other.

    But whatever the case, will not vote for McCain, my friends, because he’s got a hot temper and a short fuse and it’s scary as all heck to have someone like that with the power to hit “THE button”!

    I’ve heard a few people wondering if they could vote Hillary in because they didn’t like her husband… well has any MAN not gotten votes because you didn’t like his wife? probably not!

  7. Under no circumstances should any presidential candidate that drops out of the race because he or she cannot win the nomination should ever be allowed to go a ticket as a VP. First of all the position is totally useless not more than a “man or woman in waiting”. You cannot be effective in a VP job when you wanted the real thing and had to settle for second best, and probably wasn’t selected on credentials, but because of the votes you can pull

  8. Keep Obama Clinton-free!

    He’s said it himself dozens of times: Let’s turn the page on history and write a new chapter in American politics.

    How is that possible if he’s dragging Clinton baggage around with him?

    Obama-Oprah, though, looks pretty good :)

  9. Why on earth would Obama want to play third fiddle as Hillary’s VP?
    Hillary stands for everything Obama’s supporters detest. Same old stale (often dirty) inside Washington games.
    Obama would commit political suicide teaming up with Hillary for a chance in 2016 betraying all his young enthusiastic supporters while a good portion of people that may remember him kindly for joining Hillary will be dead in 2016.

  10. Clinton would need Obama as her running mate if she wanted to win. Obama would do better with someone else (I’d hope for Edwards.) This is based on them as Democratic candidates not as black, female, southern, whatever. Although I must admit I can’t help but get a rush thinking about the first female president and black VP (or vice versa) AT THE SAME TIME!?!?! Unbelievable. That would knock the socks right off the Republicans and LOL the “good old boys” (Randy!) I am a 19 year old Texan voting for the first time this fall and this election is giving me so much hope for the future; look how far we have come already!! The time for change is overdue and I strongly feel it is coming this fall. I want to make the most educated decision as possible, so I’m off to do some more research…

  11. Why support Obama when he says he wants a change from “old Washington” then is hand & hand with Ted Kennedy. You don’t get more “Washington” then that. Kennedy should be in jail for manslaughter. I would support Hilary/ Edwards in a heart beat.

  12. I love the idea: obviously there are many people on this wall who are strong supporters for one or the other, but seeing as though I like many aspects of both candidates, there could not have been a better team (well, except for Gore/Obama, but that dream team is exactly that, a DREAM team). I think that Hillary, for THIS presidency, is better suited; i base that only on the fact that she’s been around a long time and has more experience. Obama, as her right hand man, would gain a ton of experience and would be an absolute powerhouse for the next elections. This couple could really work, I think if they do end up on the same ticket america should definitely give them their vote!!! (and it’s obvious that half the country likes hillary, the other obama…so what’s not to get?? it only makes sense they SHOULD be running together!)

  13. I dont see any reason for Obama to choose Clinton as his running mate because she has been waiting for Obama to be assassinated so that she can realise her dream of becoming the democratic nominee. Who knows if she has an assassin waiting.

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