McCain-Romney Ticket Versus Clinton-Obama Ticket. Election 2008 Takes Shape

You might think I’m jumping the gun here, on Thursday January 31, 2008, to predict the GOP and Democratic tickets.  But this week has made it extremely likely this will be the final showdown for the 2008 election.

 Both fields have cleared out quite a bit this week, and on the republican side, no viable Vice Presidential candidates remain aside from Romney- not just from the field of Presidential candidates, but from other potiential VPs as well.  McCain is not the front runner, looks likely he will stay that way, and Romney gives him more than anyone else to fill out the ticket.  Money, experience with the economy, presidential looks and delivery, perfect hair, conservative views of at least some things.  Bottom line, there’s no one else. A McCain Romney ticket is the best viable option.

 As for democrats, Clinton and Obama made nice nice tonight in their debate, and were down right chummy with each other.  When Wolf asked about the possiblity of them being a dream ticket, the crowd got energized, and there was a feeling of destiny in the room.  It fits quite nicely.  A woman president with a black VP, who would then be President in 8 years.  Obama inspires folks, he doesn’t have much experience. He might do a very good job as President, but it looks like it’s shaking down in a way that will leave Hillary on top.  She has no real choice but to choose him.  He will have enough delegates to have earned it, and to choose anyone else would create an outcry, disillusionment with the party, and poor voter turn out (or worse, jumping on the Bloomberg band wagon, to make a point).  Hillary really has no choice but to choose a Clinton Obama ticket. And Obama has no choice but to say yes. It isn’t only about doing what he wants- it is being responsible to destiny, to history, to a moment in time that may not come again any time soon. He must say yes.

 So, there you have it. This presidential election will be McCain Versus Clinton.  McCain-Romney Versus Clinton-Obama.  A McCain-Romney ticket will bring a lot to the table. In particular, holding on for dear life to a more conservative ticket, such as it is.   A Hillary Obama Ticket will too.  The democrats will have a lot more genuine enthusiasm and excitement and a sense of making history as well as changing this country dramatically for the better.  The Democrats will be impassioned by what the future can be.  The republicans will be impassioned to keep the future from slipping too far from solid conservativism.  Both McCain and Hillary will tout their ability to get things done across the isle.   Romney and Obama will tout their fresh blood coming into Washington to bring real change.  

You better fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “McCain-Romney Ticket Versus Clinton-Obama Ticket. Election 2008 Takes Shape”

  1. Here is the growing list of reasons why Governor Romney would be the perfect V.P. choice for McCain – and everyone else:

    There is widespread agreement that if John McCain loses this year, Gov. Romney will run in 2012. If Gov. Romney were on the ticket as V.P. next in line for the GOP nod in 2016, Mr. McCain would not have to worry about whether Mr. Romney would work as hard as possible for a McCain/Romney win this year.
    Governor Romney is very intelligent, and I think would be very comfortable dealing with foreign dignitaries.
    Governor Romney is very rich and has a well-oiled fund-raising circuit that would be very beneficial to Mr. McCain.
    Governor Romney would bring expertise to economic matters that Mr. McCain seems to be lacking.
    Governor Romney would bring executive experience as a Governor to the ticket.
    Governor Romney would bring almost all of his supporters to help with a McCain/Romney ticket, thereby assuring that his supporters aren’t trying to bring him attention to a potential 2012 run, nipping such conversation quickly, before it takes root and is hard to break apart.
    Governor Romney appeals to social, economic and defense conservatives, bringing the whole Party and most of the Conservative Movement – including talk radio – on board with the ticket.
    Romney supporters are very enthusiastic and dedicated. You cannot buy this kind of endearment, but McCain would be able to pick up his supporters, and their already-in-place organizational and other skills they would have to offer to the ticket.
    Romney would help John McCain in purple states such as Michigan, Nevada and Minnesota, and could even put Massachusetts in place in November.
    Governor Romney brings all the necessary ingredients to John McCain’s campaign that he so desperately needs to succeed against Hillary – and especially – an Obama Democratic opponent.
    You cannot buy loyalty like Governor Romney has with his supporters. You have to EARN it. By giving Romney the nod for the V.P. slot, McCain would be showing the Conservative Movement in America that he will not abandon them in the future. If he does this, he will almost be unstoppable in the fall against the Democrats.
    Governor Romney is now widely seen as heir next in line to be the GOP nominee if McCain were to be defeated, or if McCain served two terms, then 2116, if Romney stays in the game that long. The move to make Romney V.P. would silence many evangelical and social conservatives who now would support Gov. Romney, including Dr. Dobson and others. This would shore up support among Mr. Huckabee’s supporters to Mr. McCain, endearing McCain as the one who actually DID bring the Party and Conservative Movement together to defeat the Democrats and take BACK both Houses of Congress!
    Gov. Romney was the clear “change” candidate – and ran on that theme. The move to make Romney V.P. would be a tough ticket against a Hillary/Obama ticket. Change wins almost every time. We would now be able to bring that on-the-ground message IMMEDIATELY!
    As the man who actually did something about – and has earned him wide recognition of – healthcare reform, he is the ideal man to blunt the Democrat’s BillaryCare proposals. This item would essentially be OURS as Republicans, which would deflate much criticism against the Republicans for not adequately addressing this critical issue thus far!
    By picking Romney, we come out a totally unified Republican Party AND Conservative Movement – ready to fight against the Democrats NOW!
    McCain IS the President-elect. He WILL be the Commander in Chief. McCain WILL be the boss – apple sauce -non debatable. McCain will get his way on very many things. But, Mr. Romney can still use cabinet meetings and gestures to try to persuade Mr. McCain to go all the way toward Ronald Reagan’s principled road of social, economic and military-might conservatism. Mr. McCain will ALWAYS win. But, Romney will be RIGHT there to balance McCain as needed.
    Romney would be good for McCain, since Romney is NOT a “yes” man. Romney is a principled, determined conservative who is GRACIOUS -yet stern when applicable – who can turn the other cheek when needed, after his opinions are known and rejected. He PROVED that by bowing out graciously and promising to work hard for Mr. McCain as the GOP nominee-to-be. Mr. McCain does NOT need a “yes” man, but rather someone who can keep his temper and political wavering’s from right issues in check.
    An informal straw vote among those present to see who they might prefer for President after the CPAC convention showed Romney winning it with 34%, followed by John McCain at 33 %, and Huckabee way down at only 14 percent. This vote proves that adding Gov. Romney to the ticket would quell the right and go along way toward making sure they aren’t complacent on election day.
    If McCain does not pick a well-known conservative for V.P., it may take MONTHS for the Republican electorate to get know and accept him, as was the case with Gov. Romney. Conservatives now know that Romney is “one of us,” after his gracious exodus speech at a stunned CPAC convention. People cried. My wife cried. I cried. You CANNOT buy that kind of endearment! Governor Mitt Romney EARNED IT!
    John McCain is old, grey, and not very attractive overall. A V.P. pick that is younger, more handsome, and without so many grey hairs will help McCain with some voters concerns about such things. Romney fits the bill here.
    No other governor fits as many specific criteria that a V.P. should have than Governor Romney. A pick that is OTHER than a governor for the V.P. slot isn’t as attractive to some voters. Executive experience does matter, and Romney can balance a McCain ticket in this way.
    A V.P. pick should already be politically battle-hardened so that there won’t be embarrassing moments for the campaign. Romney took punches from virtuously everyone – and still stayed a gentlemen under pressure.
    A V.P. pick MUST be a scandal and corruption-free life that under the intense scrutiny of the media’s microscope, will not be a negative for the campaign. Romney is about as pure as snow as one could get. His first and only wife, along with ALL his children, are fine, upstanding citizens with no baggage to bring to a McCain campaign.
    Can you give me some good reason’s why Mitt Romney SHOULD NOT be John McCain’s V.P. pick?

  2. I think the only thing standing in the way of a McCain/Romney ticket is McCain’s pride. Romney is a better man than McCain… he stands head and shoulders above him. I’m not sure McCain could stand that. Perhaps he would if he just looks at the facts and sees that his chances of winning are increased with Mitt on the ticket. I seriously doubt that McCain can win without Mitt. There are too many angry conservatives. McCain has betrayed them and flagrantly lied about Mitt’s record two days before the pivotal Florida primaries. McCain has got to do more than put a conservative on the ticket… He’s got to PROVE to the republican base that he’s serious about his loyalty to conservative principles.

  3. I think it will be revered. I think it could even be
    McCain – Huckabee if Mccain is interested in gaining more support in the South.

    Tho if he likes people who share the opinion that Romney is the next

    Then again he could choose some known person who isn’t in the race. You never know like Maybe McCain Gingrich – or something.

    On the Obama side. I think Obama will win the Most Delegates even if he loses Texas .I think the projection already shows 63-63. If that’s the case its already a loss for Clinton in Texas even if she wins the most votes, she could still be trounced delegate wise by Obama in Both Ohio and texas. If it really is 63-63 right now Obama has a bigger delegate lead and has increased the gap.

    I think Obama will win the nomination narrowly and who knows might even pick Clinton as his VP.
    But he could go with Edwards (he is a strong candidate who is looking to gain a foothold in the politics and bid for 2012 or beyond. Edwards is still pretty young like Obama and seems to gain a lot of support among working class and college students as well as independents. I think Obama Edwards would be a strong ticket as well.

    Then again Obama could go with someone else
    like Obama Bayah or maybe another well known senator or something- you never know.
    Maybe Obama could convince Al Gore to join his cabinet on the environmental policies and such to help solve the global warming problem and get Alternative Energy bill passed.

    I think the OC would be a popular ticket
    but OE – Obama Edwards would be my next choice if I was Obama. I mean Kerry did pretty well with Edwards and narrowly lost to Bush. (I think he won in ohio but something got messed up with the voting again) But thats a different story for a different day. For an interesting look on the 2004 election check out David Frenkel’s panel discussion
    An Inconvenient Question – Are Elections Being Stolen and What Can We do About it?

    Also here’s an electoral vote calculator and an electoral vote map



    I would like a Obama-Edwards ticket the best.

  4. Adding Romney to the ticket will add a ton of incentive to conservatives to vote for McCain. Right now we are NOT enthused about McCain, but are stuck in one of those classic ‘lesser of two evils’ conundrums that we despise. I am soooo tired of being emotionally blackmailed into voting for someone I can’t trust, just to avoid getting someone a bit worse into office. Romney brings economic and business clout, foreign relations appeal (he’s got plenty of experience dealing with other countries in business, the Olympics, etc.), and he projects a very real youthfulness and morality/class to the ticket. If McCain does something stupid (which we all know he is wont to do to pat his own ‘maverick’ back) like picking Lieberman, Powell or another bureaucrat like Crist or Pawlenty, he’s going to really alienate conservatives. We’d rather suffer a few years and tell our party (Republicans basically) that we are not going to be manipulated into voting for someone we know we can’t trust to uphold our values. McCain/Romney is a winning ticket, I’m certain of it. I have to believe even Huckabee supporters won’t want Obama just because he claims to be a Christian, out of anti-Mormon bigotry. Romney is a good, moral, decent individual with credentials galore. I’ll take a Mormon over a Marxist anyday. JOHN, DO THE RIGHT THING AND CHOOSE ROMNEY–WE’LL LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!!

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