Hillary Obama Ticket: Dream Ticket Now Inevitable: Why they now MUST select the other as VP.

Minutes after the January 31st Democratic Presidential nominee debate ended, there is a buzz in the air. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are destined to be on the same ticket. The “dream ticket”. Here’s why: 

Just a few short days ago, the chances of a Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama ticket seemed slim at best.  There was a growing feud that was bordering on irreparable.

But tonight, all of that changed, with the two senators agreeing with each other more than disagreeing, and praising more than attacking. In fact there were no harsh attacks and only a very few mild ones.

At the end of the debate, Wolf asked if they would consider running together. Obama went first, trying to avoid the question by saying it would be premature and presumptuous. But when pressed whether Hillary would be on his short list, he said Hillary would be on anyone’s short list.  Hillary responded by saying she agreed with everything he just said, and then segued into something else avoiding actually saying he would be on her short list. 

But the audience was very enthusiastic about the possibility of both of them on the ticket, and Wolf introduced the question by calling it a dream ticket.

If Hillary does get the nomination, the pressure she will be under to choose Obama will be huge. She will not be able to give a satisfying reason to not choose him.  In addition, those feeling the difficulty of choosing whether to support the first woman or black can have the best of both worlds (or some would say the second best of both worlds, preferring Obama Hillary).

As the momentum of a Hillary Obama ticket builds in the public, this will – unfortunately – create at least some degree of a new phenomena. Some of those who have been supporting Obama or have been torn between the two will grab on to the idea of a Hillary Obama ticket, and swing their vote to Hillary.  It might even become a subtle campaign strategy, for the Hillary campaign to quietly support the notion of a Hillary Clinton/ Barack Obama ticket, because that may be the best way for her to bring over voters.

Opposite of the Clinton’s bulldog technique, which backfired greatly, the cozying up approach may ironically turn out to be what gives her the most bounce.  Supporting the impression of the real possibility of a joint ticket may be just the ticket for Hillary.

Why not an Obama/Hillary ticket? Few pundits believe that would have any chance of working.  For starters, Obama is seen as greener, less experienced, and will need a very strong, experienced VP, with some foreign policy experience. Biden remains a real possibility.  Few can envision Hillary playing VP for Obama. Somehow she is too big for VP.  It’s hard to imagine her playing second fiddle for 8 years, and by then the chances of her being elected President would be slim to none (that would be 40 years of either a Clinton or Bush as President or VP by the time she completed her first term, and her own age would begin to be a factor.)

All of that said, just as Hillary will experience a great deal of pressure to select Obama as VP, Obama will be under huge pressure to select Hillary.  The pundits may well be wrong. Because the sheer momentum of these two candidates and the historic significants of each of them will not make it easy to dismiss either from the ticket.  Hillary will be under great pressure to accept, and be the first female VP.

As all of this becomes more apparent, and as the momentum for a shared ticket grows, people will begin to ask themselves which they would prefer. An Obama Hillary or Hillary Obama ticket. The question will become, not who would they prefer as President, but who they prefer as the leader of this shared ticket.  Whether or not this question has a significant effect on upcoming elections depends on how quickly this becomes recognized and discussed. It’s unlikely to effect super Tuesday, but could begin to effect primaries soon after.

Can we imagine Hillary doing the faithful, submissive duties of VP? Can we imagine her turning down the historic honor and obligation to be the first woman VP? Can we imagine Obama going against the huge and historic momentum to ask her to be?

And can we imagine Obama doing the faithful, submissive duties of VP? Can we imagine him turning down the  historic honor and obligation to be the first black Vice President? Can we imagine Hillary daring to go against the huge and historic momentum to ask him to be?

Because Bill Clinton went too far, and because of the correcting cordiality of tonight’s debate, (and also because of John Edwards bowing out, rather than hoard power just for power’s sake, to try to play king maker) the chances of a shared ticket just became much, much more likely.

 It’s good these two can play nice. They very well may end up being stuck with each other for the next 9 years.

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Obama Ticket: Dream Ticket Now Inevitable: Why they now MUST select the other as VP.”

  1. This is a bad idea. I think the Clintons would drag Obama down into the dirt. Part of Obama’s charm is his freshness and sincerity. Linking him to the Clintons would mean association with sex scandals and dirty deals. Obama must keep his integrity and avoid a Clinton connection. If Hillary gets the nomination I think McCain will be our next president.

  2. Clinton Now! Obama Next! It’s a GREAT idea!

    Hillary Clinton was not associated with any sex scandals (who cares anyway!), nor “dirty deals”, whatever that is supposed to mean. The Whitewater smear campaign fizzled out, except in the minds of the uninformed.

    Leave it to the Republicans to focus on other people’s sex lives and ignore the multi-mega-criminality in the current regime. (While conveniently ignoring their own sex maniacs, ie Newt Gingrich bonking his own bimbo at the very time he was calling for Clinton’s impeachment.)

    No, McCain will not be our next president, unless the Republicans commit election fraud like they did the last 2 times, or fake another threat so that they can declare martial law. America does not want never-ending war against countries that are no threat to us. That lie won’t fly again.

  3. I agrre that Obama should not select Clinton for VP. The Clinton’s are not a train you want to hook your campaing to. The tarnished reputation of the Clinton’s could only bring him down. Also, Most people would agree that Clinton will not be satisfied with VP. Obama would constantly have to keep a look over his sholder!

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