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 A little while ago, a movie called Transformers came out. Most people liked it and were entertained. Then came the Transformers game. Based off of the movie Transformers, this game proved to be pretty good.

 In this game, you play as robots and your goal is to destroy the Allspark. To do this, you find the kid that has the key to the Allspark, and help him protect it until you get to the people who can destroy it. But there are also extra things that you have to do throughout this game.   

 There are some things in this game that make it fun and cool. When you play as the robots, you can instantly transform from a robot appearance to a car or a plane. This affect makes the game seem just like the movie. The affect of the transformation is also well programmed so that you look really cool when you transform. Another thing that makes this game really cool is the part of the game that allows you to destroy everything in sight. You can fire missiles and destroy houses, apartments, cars, and everything on the street. One more cool thing that you can do on this game is: you can pick anything up on the street and throw it at anything. This feature makes this game seem more realistic and fun. Also, this game lasts for a long time so you don’t have to buy a new game for a while.

 Although this game seems fun, it does have its problems. Its missions in this game seem to be stretched so that they seem too long. Also, some of the time consuming missions seem to have no point. For example, one mission requires you to chase down one of your friendly robots. I mean, why would you chase down one of your friends? And first of all, why are they running? So basically, some of the missions are pointless and annoying.

 In conclusion, Transformers: The Game is pretty fun and enjoyable. The cool affects that are thrown in the game makes it look and feel really cool. But I will suggest that you rent the game before you decide to buy this game.

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  1. Graphically this is part of the series transformers are good. It is what you expect from the current technology in games and everything runs quite smoothly. Transforming robot to vehicle looks cool and the details are worked out well. What is a pitty that there is not much in terms of environment is designed and what it can dull eyes. The cars and people running around not really add anything, and it also seems to totally captivate when a colossal robot passing rent. They walk on quietly without looking up. See the video here –

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