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 There are many games for the Wii that are made up of small, short games; or mini-games if you want to call them that. Among those types of games for the Wii, there is the game called “Wii Play.” This game even comes with a Wii controller! 

 Wii Play is made up of many games such as billiards, and table tennis. And some of the games involve shooting at targets, riding on cows, fishing, and battling with tanks. The shooting mini-game is pretty fun and simple. All you do is shoot at targets appearing on the screen. But the targets soon disappear if you don’t shoot them fast enough. Table Tennis in this game is also pretty fun. During, you just bounce back the ball to the other side of the table. It sounds simple, but the longer you last, the faster the ball gets. Another mini-game is air hockey. It’s basically the same as Table Tennis, except that it just has a different name and the hockey puck does not go faster as time goes by. Fishing is pretty fun too. You just wait until a fish grabs your hook and then you jerk up with the Wii controller to catch the fish. One more mini-game that is in Wii Play involves cow racing. This mini-game is really unique. You race on cows and whoever gets to the end first, wins.

 Although this game is great, it doesn’t last long at all. There are few mini-games that don’t last very long and you go through them really fast. Probably, it would take you only about 45 minutes to an hour to go through the whole game. Then what will you do? Play them over and over, and over? Obviously, this game is not for you if you want to play games with your friends for hours and hours.
 In all, “Wii Play” is a pretty good game if you have nothing to do. Its games are entertaining and fun. One cool thing about the “Wii Play” is that you can play as your own character that you created; or your “Mii” if you want to call it that.  But if you want to play it, just borrow it from a friend first to make sure it’s something you want. 

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