Mario Party 8 Review: About the video game Mario Party 8

 Mario Party 8 is a really cool game and is a very good continuation of the classic series of the Mario Parties. With the totally silly and random mini-games, this board game based game is definitely worth your money.

 During the actual game, you roll dice and move along the creative game board. After everyone takes their turn, a mini-game takes place and whoever wins the mini-game gets points. With those points, you can buy stars, and whoever has the most stars at the end of the game wins the whole game.

 The graphics on Mario Party 8 are amazing compared to the past Mario Party games. The shapes and curves of everything in the game are clearly defined. Also, the colors stand out brilliantly and make the game seem more alive. Mario Party 8 is very addicting and exhilarating. Its quick paced game makes you grip your controller nervously while you anxiously wait to see what happens next. And once you’re playing a game, you never want to stop.

Then there are the mini-games. Each mini-game is silly and unique in its own way. For example, “Shake It Up” is a mini-game where you shake a can of soda up and whoever gets their soda can to spew the highest wins that mini-game. But if you’re playing mini-games with a computer or “COM,” some really stupid things can happen. Sometimes the computers will not do anything at all or will just start running into walls. Literally! And this can prove quite a problem if the stupid computer is on your team.

Besides the mini-games, Mario Party 8 is pretty interesting. On the game board, there are many shortcuts such as secret passages that lead to the end of the board (and the end of the board is where you want to be). Sometimes these shortcuts can help even the worst game players win. This usually leaves the good game players annoyed and frustrated. What’s also interesting about this game is the random things put on the game board. For example, before you know it, you could land on a space on the board and suddenly get shot out of a cannon by a monkey! But the rest of the game is pretty fun. You roll dice and hope to get a high number, and then you move the number of spaces that the dice shows.

If you are looking for cheat codes for Mario party 8, you can bet they put some cool stuff in there to be discovered. I haven’t found it all yet, but you can just google “Mario Party 8 cheat codes” and find them.

In conclusion, Mario Party 8 is fun and of course great for parties with friends. And I will say that it is definitely worth your time and money.

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