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Other Funny English Mistakes From Around the World

From the cover of a notebook used by one of my Korean students:

My heart is very flammable when I see your beautiful eyes.

On the box for a toothbrush at a Tokyo hotel:

Gives you strong mouth and refreshing wind!

A job ad in the Japan Times expressing that both males and females could apply:

No limit on sex.

On the box for a toy microphone called “ECHO MIKE:”

Mom ma! Pap Pap! I and Lady Employees to play with it together!

From the instructions on a Dragonball-Z action figure.

Beware of being eaten by small children due to small parts.”

Written at the top of a piece of children’s stationary in Japan:

Guppies often eat their small children.

Comforting words on a piggy bank: My favorite food is you!

Name of children’s camp: Club The Kids

On a Japanese box of tissues with a picture of a puppy on the cover:

Tissues of puppy.

On another Japanese box of fine tissues:

Skin will be touched softly and gently by 100% high quality pulp.

Instructions for a puzzle toy made in Taiwan.

Let’s decompose and enjoy assembling!

On a shampoo bottle:
Use repeatedly for severe damage.

From a Children’s Notebook in Japan:
The Bunnies are very gluttonous. Why don’t we put our favorite flags on the omelets? Good Tasty!

Babysitting ad by college students:
“Please call us! We will provide you with any emergency.”

From the instructions for a Hitachi radio.
You will know radio on by enchanting green light.

On the packaging for a screw driver with a small flashlight in the handle:
Now you can see what you are screwing in the dark!

On the packaging of a sir fry pan.
Do not use mental tools for prolonging the life of the pan.

From the box of a vegetable peeler and chopper.
Peeing? Container contains!
Slashing? Use your built in chopper for good action.

On a pair of shorts.
Be a big man on campus, MAKE A STINK!

Slogan on a Japanese shopping bag
Now baby. Tonight I am feeling cool and hard boiled.

On the tag of a jacket:
This clothing is designed for breaking wind and repelling water.

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2 Responses to “Other Funny English Mistakes From Around the World””

  1. zazo Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    decoration seen in a grocery store in Yanagawa, Japan, 2005:
    “Continue a charming smile on your face.”

  2. Liz Says:
    March 20th, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    very funny hahahahaha

    Tissues of puppy…. that doesnt even MAKE Sense..at all!

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Section: Funny English from Around the World

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