Funny Signs: More Dumb and Stupid Signs

Funny warning sign: Soft shoulder, blind curves, steep grade, big trucks. Good luck!

Well, give them credit for honesty.

Funny toilet sign: Toilet! Stay in your car.

Um, you have an empty Coke can handy?

Funny speed limit hours sign

Good thing every watch in that town is exactly synchronized.

This month special: NO FUEL!

Wow, that special will save us a LOT of money. But it does present some other problems…

No parking above this sign.

This will stop those damn trouble-making butt-probing aliens from parking their hot rod UFOs above my property!

Funny sign: Please do not spit too loud.

We don’t care WHERE you spit, just do it quietly.

Please take care of the sleeping grass.

Maybe now people won’t keep waking it up.

Police station toilet stolen. Police have nothing to go on.

Urinal lot of trouble for that.

Funny restaurant sign: Poo Ping Thai Chinese Cuisine.

No I’m not. But I was this morning.

Caution: Tree in center of road.

What? Couldn’t we just REMOVE the tree? Well, that’s a funny one if I ever heard one. No sir. I’m in the signage department. I make signs. Now if you actually want someone to MOVE the tree, you should send a letter to the highway department in triplicate and they’ll have someone take a look at it the next month or two to decide what sub department they should assign supervising the management of the removal order to. Now I gotta get moving and put a sign up next to that dead armadillo over there.

Caution: Water on road during rain.

Yeah, but the other day I was driving there and it was snowing really hard, and the road turned WHITE. Just out of the blue. Or gray. And there were no warning signs at all that this could happen. I freaked.



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48 thoughts on “Funny Signs: More Dumb and Stupid Signs”

  1. This is HILARIOUS.

    I saw a sign not so long ago saying:


    I totally rofled

  2. Honestly what were the people who made the road signs thinking. Like I’m sure at least 10 people checked those signs before they were put up. And not one of them saw anything wrong with them. Too funny, I need a job like that.

  3. It’s funny, instead of stupid people having trouble in life, our laws just support those stupid people, so that we all have signs to laugh at. Water on road after rain? Get outta here! Awesome pics.

  4. Omg!!! These are so freaking funny!! I like to read these when I have nothing to do in class… Let’s just hope that my teachers don’t catch me while I’m on this website… or they’ll prolly block it… :( Then class will be totally boring!! lol

  5. I hav nvr cn somthing sooooooooooooooooooo funny before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this website! Rock on!

  6. omfg guys!!!! theyre sooo hilarious!!!! this is wayy better than listening to the teacher!!! lol keep up the good work!

  7. o my gosh! those signs are so cool yo!! that stuff is the bomb!!!! i almost pissed wen the church said it wanted to help kill me!!! o my go!!! o my gosh yo yo yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dam that was hilaryasssssss!

  8. The last one I saw on village of joy but the caption on wasn’t as funny as the one on this one!! I just can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  9. MEOW:translation

    ok, I’m not the webguy. I’m his cat. I can’t accept the 2.50 paid for this comment. I am donating the proceeds to: Litaracy for the Blind

    pssst hey seriously nice site mate – cheers to continued laughs :)

  10. lol tats funny…didnt they find some signs that was the lyrics for Boheiman Raphsody?
    lol tats fuuny try to google it.

  11. Hay some realy good things there just what i needed to kill a little time in science and to take my mind of the fact I had just climbed though a thorn bush. thanks :)

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