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Funny Signs: More Dumb and Stupid Signs

Funny warning sign: Soft shoulder, blind curves, steep grade, big trucks. Good luck!

Well, give them credit for honesty.

Funny toilet sign: Toilet! Stay in your car.

Um, you have an empty Coke can handy?

Funny speed limit hours sign

Good thing every watch in that town is exactly synchronized.

This month special: NO FUEL!

Wow, that special will save us a LOT of money. But it does present some other problems…

No parking above this sign.

This will stop those damn trouble-making butt-probing aliens from parking their hot rod UFOs above my property!

Funny sign: Please do not spit too loud.

We don’t care WHERE you spit, just do it quietly.

Please take care of the sleeping grass.

Maybe now people won’t keep waking it up.

Police station toilet stolen. Police have nothing to go on.

Urinal lot of trouble for that.

Funny restaurant sign: Poo Ping Thai Chinese Cuisine.

No I’m not. But I was this morning.

Caution: Tree in center of road.

What? Couldn’t we just REMOVE the tree? Well, that’s a funny one if I ever heard one. No sir. I’m in the signage department. I make signs. Now if you actually want someone to MOVE the tree, you should send a letter to the highway department in triplicate and they’ll have someone take a look at it the next month or two to decide what sub department they should assign supervising the management of the removal order to. Now I gotta get moving and put a sign up next to that dead armadillo over there.

Caution: Water on road during rain.

Yeah, but the other day I was driving there and it was snowing really hard, and the road turned WHITE. Just out of the blue. Or gray. And there were no warning signs at all that this could happen. I freaked.



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