These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

This morning, I was walking outside,
when suddenly a big shower fell on me!

Yesterday I had strong wind here.

Rain makes old cars lust. So be careful
about that. Once a car starts lusting,
there’s no way to stop it.

There was a lighting strike
and then the sky became dark.

The entire country has been
devastated by a long trout.

Everyone in my country is really nervous right now because this is the tycoon season. One big one can destroy a city.

If you are ever in an earthquake, you should go to the bathroom very quickly because that is the safest thing to do.

Today the waiter is cold and wet and a little windy.

After the volcano the town was full of asses.

I am so uncomfortable today.
I cannot relax when I am in heat.

When a volcan explodes, millions
of tons of larva can bury a city

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