My Lemon Moon Ray Lover

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These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

Compiled from lyrics of love songs translated into English by ESL students.

From morning’s glaring sun to the smelly afternoon,

You are always inside my lonely brain.

I hope we meet in an accident very soon.

My heart will not stop hemorrhaging for you.

The night you squeezed me I visited heaven.

Your love flies me swiftly into a mountain.

I wish I can pay you for all the love you gave me.

You make my heart sour.

Please promise me you will never kiss another lip.

I know that hiding inside your chest is a girl who loves my characteristics.

One day, you will startle yourself and say “oh no! Why did I walk the opposite direction of him?

Like the fishes need the ocean beach, I need you.

When you kiss me, you make my blood evaporate.

Your lovely, unwrinkly skin requests my attention.

Let me wip away your tears.

I want to die with you but let’s wait until later to do so.

With a frank heart I say I adore our interactions.

Yes lover. Yes. With a frank heart I say I adore our interactions.

You and me– We are one candle firing in the dark.

I promise you I will preserve my body until you arrive.

My arms are having anxiety about holding you again.

You better not make me wait too long, woman.

Every day I forgive God for you.

You will always be my lemon moon ray lover.

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  1. looooooooool OMG this is sooooo funny… i know hw it feels like tho, 6 yrs back then i was just as them…bless my teachers……..

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