Penn and Teller: Funny Shut the Fan Up Video Clip

This video clip of Penn Jillette saying “Shut the fan up!” has an interesting story. He was trying to do a taped interview for PBS News Hour, when a man walking by saw Penn being interviewed and started shouting excitedly to him about being a big fan and wanting free tickets to his show. The man was rather loud and boisterous, and most likely intoxicated. They restarted the interview three times, and each time the fan kept interrupting loudly.  After the second take, Penn asked the camera man if he could do something about this overly-enthusiastic fan so they could tape the interview. After the third attempt was interrupted, the increasingly irritated, and always outspoken Penn looked straight at the camera man and told him, in no uncertain terms, to “Shut — the fan — up!”  The fan was then escorted away by a security guard, and the interview was successfully completed.
 While some people have argued it is actually a four letter word that Penn is saying, I can assure you that all four lip-reading experts I consulted verified that he is actually saying “s-h-U-t, with a U, making this vid clip a fun and safe lip reading exercise for the whole family.

shut the fan up


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