English is Tough Stuff: A Funny Poem about Pronouncing English Words

Below is the funny poem “English Is Tough Stuff (A.K.A. “The Chaos”)” by G. Nolst. It was first published in 1929 in a book to help people improve their English pronunciation (“Drop Your Foreign Accent”).  Most native English speakers can’t get very far into the poem without mispronouncing a word.  How soon before you get … Read more

The Importance of Punctuation: A funny Dear John Letter that Shows How Important Punctuation Is.

Just in case you think punctuation doesn’t matter, check this out. Here are two versions of the same letter. The only difference is the punctuation.  Which type of letter would you rather receive? DEAR JOHN LETTER ONE:   Dear John:   I want a man who knows what love is all about. You are generous, … Read more

The Strange English Language: Funny Things about English

Funny and Strange things about the English language, English grammar, spelling, pronunciation and word usage. (Much thanks to Nick from RogerReference.com for informing us that this wonderful composition was written by Richard Lederer.  Apologies for the late attribution). There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row. Doesn’t it seem crazy that you … Read more