Philosophy of “Why did the Chicken Cross the Road”: Chicken Philosophy

Why did the chicken cross the road? To learn the mysteries of life obviously! Philosophers have long, hard, and terribly difficult names to remember… and their philosophies are even more confusing to keep apart. This handy guide uses the classic “why did the chicken cross the road” joke to differentiate between them all… humorously of … Read more

Send Valentine’s Day Flowers, Candy and Chocolate fast and Cheaply

It’s Valentine’s “season” again. A time when millions of people look for the cheapest deals and buys to buy Valentines Flowers and Candy for friends, lovers, coworkers, etc.  Many people send them as a gift to someone else through the mail or UPS.  It’s easy to find the cheapest  flowers and candy. A quick look at Google will lead the way.  But why … Read more

The Funny Quiz Answers: Answers to The Funny Quiz. A walk through.

Here are The Funny Quiz Answers, Cheats and a Walkthrough. So thanks to Quince and some other commenters, we now have the full and complete answers, cheats and walkthrough for The Funny Quiz.    I noticed the other night that – suddenly- a lot of you are coming to my site looking for answers to “The Funny Quiz” … Read more