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Smoke detectors are a must for any mobile home at any trailor park. But they can be a little expensive and beep when the battery needs replaced. Well worth the trouble, of course, but one redneck family is experimenting with a cheaper and easier substitute: Jiffy pop popcorn.

“Well hell, we figured this way, if there was ever a fire, that popcorn would just start a popping- and it would wake us out of bed even with a good beer buzz going!” Said Billy Bob Baxter, owner of the mobile home.

His wife Thelma Lu wasn’t sure about the idea, until he fired up the stove and cooked some jiffy pop, filling the whole house with both, the loud sound of popping corn, and a rich buttery scent. “We’ll wake right up, but the kids won’t be so scared cuz of the butter smell. We’ll just tell ’em we’re in a movie or something. Billy Bob is always coming up with smart contraptions like this to save us money. Like when the hot water heater vent got clogged up with a birds nest, he just ran a hose from it to the toilet, and we just flush now and then. That’s my Billy Bob.”

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