Youtube Best Soccer Goals: Top 50 Soccer Goals on one Football compilation Youtube Video

Here is a great youtube video compilation of the Top 50 Best Soccer Goals or football goals of all time.    Now of course you could argue about whether all of these deserve to be in the top 50 soccer goals, and you could argue about all the incredible soccer goals that didn’t make the cut. But it’s … Read more

youtube video of ski crash: Scott Macartney ski accident video

Here is the youtube video of Scott Macartney crashing in his ski competition accident.   Well, that’s one way to become a household name in skiing. If attempts to win some gold medals don’t quite pan out, you can always just try having a spectacular, amazing crash in a ski competition (but just make sure you … Read more

Top 10 Most Amazing Golf Shots Ever

Here are some of the most amazing golf shots and putts every captured on video. The first two with Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller are really amazing. Amazing Fuzzy Zoeller golf shot: [youtube zKcBTaTed0Q nolink]     Amazing Tiger Woods golf shot: [youtube G6DCW_Yoy5Q nolink]     Amazing Jacob Longoria golf shot: [youtube QSShiHJDhQ0 nolink] … Read more