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Top 10 Most Amazing Golf Shots Ever

Here are some of the most amazing golf shots and putts every captured on video. The first two with Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller are really amazing.

Amazing Fuzzy Zoeller golf shot:

[youtube zKcBTaTed0Q nolink]



Amazing Tiger Woods golf shot:
[youtube G6DCW_Yoy5Q nolink]



Amazing Jacob Longoria golf shot:
[youtube QSShiHJDhQ0 nolink]



Amazing Phil Mickelson golf shot:
[youtube 4VDLqxZsVEc nolink]



Amazing Dave D golf shot:
[youtube DOLoTxGEETg nolink]



Amazing Michael Pascucci golf shot:
[youtube FGgfqGCaB7g nolink]



Amazing Bill Murray golf shot:
[youtube 09RVWJGyOo8 nolink]



Amazing Wells Hooper golf shot:
[youtube wnXPGze5Frw nolink]



Amazing Paul Casey golf shot:
[youtube yO9RvmZ-Bco nolink]



Amazing Rich Beem golf shot:
[youtube VXYl44Bi5KQ nolink]



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