Youtube Best Soccer Goals: Top 50 Soccer Goals on one Football compilation Youtube Video

Here is a great youtube video compilation of the Top 50 Best Soccer Goals or football goals of all time.    Now of course you could argue about whether all of these deserve to be in the top 50 soccer goals, and you could argue about all the incredible soccer goals that didn’t make the cut. But it’s still an amazing video compilation of some really incredible football/ soccer goals.  Probably the best soccer goal compilation on youtube.

The ones that make my jaw drop are the scissor kicks and side flip kicks where the soccer players have total control and manage to kick it into the perfect spot.  I’m also amazed by some of the very tight angle kicks where it looks like they have almost already passed the side of the goal post, but they still manage to angle it in.  Some incredible soccer goals here. Some of the greatest and best captured on video.  Enjoy.

YOUTUBE video compilation of the best soccer goals  (football goals) ever.

[youtube yeXoxNP8_xY nolink]


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2 thoughts on “Youtube Best Soccer Goals: Top 50 Soccer Goals on one Football compilation Youtube Video”

  1. The best goal I have ever seen was on a ‘This Week in Germany’ episode 30 years ago. A player was trapped in the corner, did a bicycle kick all the way across to the middle of the field; another player then did ANOTHER bicycle kick to score a goal. The only time I have ever seen this done.

  2. Compliments for shooting such a gorgeus video: an endless sequence of football masterpieces made by plenty of players coming from different countries and teams.
    It’s been fine having remembered bressan’s fine goal against barca: the only flaw (but a little one): forgetting michel platini’s unbeliavle goal against ascoli in the italian championship and messi’s incredible slalom in a Liga’s match, which reminds me of maradona’s effort vs England in Mexico 1986.
    Anyway, great great job guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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