youtube video of ski crash: Scott Macartney ski accident video

Here is the youtube video of Scott Macartney crashing in his ski competition accident.   Well, that’s one way to become a household name in skiing. If attempts to win some gold medals don’t quite pan out, you can always just try having a spectacular, amazing crash in a ski competition (but just make sure you survive it!)

 Scott wasn’t seriously injured in the crash, amazingly.  With various videos of the crash already having over 1 million views in You tube 24 hours after they started appearing, he’s going to be doing the talk show circuit.  But come on. What could possibly go through your mind those few seconds that could be spoken on regular TV?

We’re glad you’re ok, Scott. Next time, try to get your name in the papers for less extreme things :)

 Scott Macartneys ski race crash accident:

[youtube h9Mb8w5eVKA nolink]


And here is another video of Scott Macartney’s crash, with more slow mo.

[youtube h4L6wPh32-g nolink]



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