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American Idol youtube videos

David Cook: Billy Jean youtube video

American idol youtube video of David Cook. David Cook has been getting smoking hot the last couple of weeks. They loved him last week, but this week, he blew them away. Singing, of all songs, Billy Jean. Who would have thought Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean could be so smoking hot and so icy cool? David [...]

Fast payday loans can actually be a quick, smart way to avoid huge bank fees.

“Evil” Fast Payday loans can be a quick, smart way to avoid huge bank fees in an emergency. The Denver Post had a surprising article defending payday loans, that suggested we not be so fast to harshly judge those no credit check, no teletrack, instant payday loans you see advertised everywhere. There’s been for a [...]

Brooke White Youtube American Idol: Videos of Brooke from Idol

Brooke White is one of the favorites on American Idol and is growing more popular each week. She comes across as very clear who she is and what style fits her, and she comes across as authentic, which is a big reason she is so well liked. About the only thing she has going against [...]

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