Brooke White Youtube American Idol: Videos of Brooke from Idol

Brooke White is one of the favorites on American Idol and is growing more popular each week.  She comes across as very clear who she is and what style fits her, and she comes across as authentic, which is a big reason she is so well liked.  About the only thing she has going against her is she is already married. But she has great and grounded stage presence and a folky, likeable personality.  Did I mention authentic? Here are some of her videos.

Brooke White singing “Let it Be” from Idol top 12,  3/11/08

[youtube vaEBhO7n6s4 nolink]

Brooke White singing “Love is a Battlefield” from American Idol 3/5/08

[youtube bwZm3S5pAd0 nolink]

Brooke White on American Idol singing “You’re So Vain” on Idol.

[youtube vcoc0HVAgzo nolink]


Brooke White video from American Idol Singing Happy Together  2/20/08

[youtube SUrx2uHi6tQ nolink]


Brooke in Hollywood week singing “Beautiful”

[youtube tkUFKv5W2a8 nolink]

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