David Cook: Billy Jean youtube video

American idol youtube video of David Cook.

David Cook has been getting smoking hot the last couple of weeks. They loved him last week, but this week, he blew them away. Singing, of all songs, Billy Jean. Who would have thought Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean could be so smoking hot and so icy cool?  David Cook put his own touch on the song and rocked it with a very high cool factor. 

Randy was very, very impressed, Paula couldn’t sit down, saying he always found an original way to push the limit without crossing it.  And Simon said it was a big, big risk, but he absolutely pulled it off.

Great job David.  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got next. Very well done.

Youtube video of American Idol contestant David Cook singing Billy Jean:

[youtube q-Ke1zCWgI8 nolink]

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