Buy Britney Spears 2009 Concert Tour T shirts

You can buy official Britney Spears 2009 Concert Tour T Shirts at her website.  But it isn’t cheap.  You can probably find cheap fake Britney Spears Circus tour t shirts and other merchandise, but it’s probably going to look cheaper too.   you can also check ebay and other discount sites and auction sites, but you [...]

Buy Funny T-Shirts: Top 10 Best Places to Get Funny T Shirts Online

When it comes time to pick out the best funny t shirts, there are some really good places to find some creative designs. The internet is a powerful resource for this purpose, as there are plenty of good sites that offer new funny t shirts each and every week. Here are ten of the best [...]

Blind Bowler Bowls Perfect Game! He’s 78!

A 78 year old blind bowler bowls a 300! A perfect game! Amazing.One of the most amazing sports stories that you’ll ever hear came out of Buena Vista, Florida this week. The Storm Lake Times reported on a 78-year old bowler who happened to bowl the first perfect game of his life. The catch? The [...]

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