A Funny Online Dating Ad from Craig’s List

It’s possible this ad was placed in the Craig List Romance Section as a joke. But I honestly don’t think so. I think it was placed by a very enthusiastic, straight-forward, fascinating woman ready to meet the man of her dreams.

Here are some funny Online Dating ads:

From craiglist.org:

Reply to: anon 6…[ Link removed to protect the innocent]@craigslist.org

Date: Sun Mar 06 20:48:42 2005

Hello hello hello. I am young and noninhibited. I look sort of like the devil. Blonde and luxurious, with thighs look like toothpick. My interests include motorcycle. Are you the right man for me?

Do you enjoy dressing up in police costume? Are you close to my age and live nearby? Do you LOVE to get messages on your back and shoulder after a hard day at work? Please write back to me. My ideal date is somewhere long ago. Castles! and princesses!!!! If you want a real princess, send me an email!

If you send me a picture of your penis then I will erase right nowand vomit. No please!!!!! Also, if you cannt rate yourself at least 85/100 in terms of how you rate yourself, don’t answer.

I am looking for education and jokes.
TALL not fat. Not skinny ears.

Please do not disappoint. I want to fall in love by this beatiful ocean. Please love dog cat racoon iguana hamster
& gerbil because I have several.

This is Ulysses S Grant. Please love greal heros of this great country, and of my country too!


[link removed to protect the innocent]

If you haven’t checked out craigslist.org, it has a great deal of community based, local info. It’s worth a look just to see what’s on it, and also to see if there’s a Craig list in your area. They have everything from personals and dating, to lost and found, pets, cars and houses for sale, events, community forums, jobs, and a whole lot more. Everything you would expect in a classifieds section, plus… There is a craig’s list for most larger communities, so there might be one for yours… Craigslist tries to be as grassroots as possible, with the philosophy that the organization is not as much about profits as it is about helping people with as minimal advertising and business influence as possible. Ebay did get a hold of 25% of Craigslist stock in 2004, and this was presented by Craigslist as a win win situation. However, there has been some speculation that they were simply putting their best face forward in a bad situation, as Ebay is under pressure to produce ever increasing profits to stockholders, which does not seem in line with Craigslist’s values, in spite of some similarities in putting the power in the hands of individuals through an online format.

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