Funny Signs from Restaurants



Here are some funny restaurant signs:



Our great food will never leave you!

Please leave a pet outside.

It will take about 1 minute to fix a hot drink.
Please wail.

Big crap sale today! Rush yourself here!

We serve people like you as good food!

The shadiest cocktail bar in Bangkok.

The name of a Chinese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Soon Go Fatt

Sign in a Taiwan cafeteria

Please keep chair on position and keep table cleaned after dying.

A big poster advertising a restaurant in Japan:

Happy Your Pocket!

Sign advertising newly re-designed restaurant:

“Colorful dining space surrounded by stained glasses.”



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14 thoughts on “Funny Signs from Restaurants”

  1. No joke, I was in the English classroom in a Chinese elementary school a few years ago and saw the funniest thing i have ever seen. Everything in the room had a label on it, with the english word for what it was (i.e. “desk” on the desk, “window” on the window, “chalk board” on the chalk board, etc…) I looked up and had to laugh at the sign on the ceiling fan, which read “WASHING MACHINE.”

  2. Lmfto x There’s a sign in a nightclub in Abu Dabi that I want to be next to, kissing my wife while someones taking a photo x The sign has an arrow pointing at us and reads: “EXSIST THIS WAY” !!! x

  3. Found this one at a Chinese Buffet. The sign was placed on a bubble gum machine, it said ” Out of Work”

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