Emo Jokes



These jokes aren’t too harsh, but they poke a little fun at those emo kids.



How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
3. One to replace it, & two to write a poem about how they miss the old one.



What do you say to an emo kid to make him cry outside the mall?



Why did the emo kid cross the road?
To get a box of tissues.



So, an emo kid walks into a bar…
Then he quickly leaves to go home and write in his Livejounal about it.



How can you tell it’s an emo guy hitting on you and not a regular dude?
Instead of asking for your phone number, he asks for your poetry blog.



Why do emo kids always take the flight that leaves at midnight?
They prefer to take the red-eye.



What’s the difference between emo grass and normal grass?
Emo grass cuts itself.



What did the emo kid say to the other emo kid?
“Stop crying. You’re stealing all of the negative attention.”



What do emo kids use as birth control?
Their personalities.



If a blonde and an emo jump off a bridge, who drowns first?
The blonde- from the emo’s tears on the way down.



“Tickle Me Elmo was so last year. Now it’s…Cry With Me Emo!”



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34 thoughts on “Emo Jokes”

  1. Oh brother. Little kids with no imagination or uniqueness need to stop pretending they’re a genre of music and actually do something without copying some kid from VF or myspace. You are a waste of oxygen and you ruined emo music.

  2. they r so lame. Whats the big deal with emo’s? emo’s can be some of the nicest people you ever meet. And look up Emo culture before you slag them off. Half tht shxt aint true. Emo’s don’t cry all the tyme. Some do Yeah but.. its just there way of expressin themselves… And wat is wrong with tht… I mean you express yourselves in a diffrent way .. so y carnt emo’s? Emo’s arnt food products.. So DONT friggin lable em’… And if you must keep it to yurself ! Its pathetic !

  3. Well emo’s are taking their life the wrong way!.
    Why cry over it ! get some balls and take it!
    I have many emo friends!
    I get called emo cause i wear black!
    But the thing is im not emo!
    I just like the color black!
    There is no reason for you to act like that Amii person!

  4. If he wants to talk about emo kids LET HIM!..
    You dont control them! by tellin g them to keep it to their selves!
    like you said Express their feelings!
    Isnt this dude who posted the jokes expressing his?

  5. See its just harmless jokes!
    Emos wont cry over that!..
    i told my friend that is
    emo about those jokes and
    she couldnt stop leaughing!
    .She fell on the floor!
    I thought she was having
    a heart atack or something!

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look people these are pretty damn funny, harsh a little, but frikkin hilarious!

    You people need to realise that there is no fricking need to categorise! A person is a person.

  7. Dude these jokes are not even funny! I mean I could laugh at myself once and a while but if your gonna make fun of someone at least make it count! Again, these jokes really suck!…..BAD! And emo’s are really nice people that think noone loves them because other people like the person who posted these jokes talk alot of shit and I think I’m the only emo that will kick some straight guy’s ass!!!!

  8. Dude this dude got me a freakn bag with a bunch of crap like roses and stuff and I wanted to throw it in his face but I didnt want to be mean so I just gave it away!!!J/K Ididn’t give it away, but I was thinking about it!!!!

  9. im apprently and “emo” and these jokes are kinda harsh on emos but i still found them funny

    What did the emo kid say to the other emo kid?
    “Stop crying. You’re stealing all of the negative attention.”

    i no sum1 at school who says that and i really wanna slap em when they say taht

  10. I like the person who said “Emo’s arnt food products.. So DONT friggin lable em’”

    you’re funny because you just talked about a group of people and labelled them with the name “emo”

    that is humourous to me :)

  11. stop all dis sh*t bout emos. emo is short for emotional and emotive, emos are people that feel thing strong and are easily offened and hurt, some are so depressed and angry that they self harm instead of taking their anger out on others. Just cos we don’t live perfect lives doesn’t mean you should take the piss out off us.

  12. this stuff is funny but if emo kids read it wont it make them sadder cause im emo and i just thought they were f***ing stupid you guys suck at jokes

  13. [from Admin] These emo jokes are meant in good fun. We all have things about us worth laughing at. They aren’t meant to be hurtful or hateful. We want you to be able to express your opinion, but we won’t be posting hateful or strongly negative comments. Thanks.

  14. LOL! Some Are Funny.
    The First One Should Be …
    How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    None. They Like To Sit In The Dark Corner And Cry.

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