Pics of Cute and Funny Animals



Some funny animal pics:



A very determined bear after a bird feeder.

climbing bear eating bird feeder food

Geeze, why do these humans have to make it so hard? I ain’t no circus bear!

A fearless fox diving into the snow

jumping fox diving into snow

Hmm, maybe I didn’t think this through so well. Maybe nobody is looking… Just act cool… Act like you are enjoying being stuck in the snow with your butt stuck up in the air…. It’s only 3 more weeks till Spring….

Monkey hugging cat

cute monkey holding and hugging kitten

Sometimes a monkey just need a little cuddling.

Picture of cat stalking eagle, approaching on balcony rail

cat stocking eagle

Listen up, little feline. Number one, my talons are bigger than your face. Number two, I’ve had bigger prey for desert. Number three, I’m a powerful, majestic bald eagle and you are a cute wittle house kitty with a cute wittle pink collar. So turn your over-confident little self around and go chase a grasshopper or something, before I bite off as much as I can chew. Capiche?

Cute hamster or gerbil standing up in cage

funny cute little hamster standing up

Hey there buddy. Nice to see ya. How ya doing? Hey, listen, you gotta get me outa here! I’m innocent, I tells ya! Innocent! They got nothin’ on me! Nothin’! Please let me outta here! By the way, my name’s George. My friends call me yacky. “He’s havin’ a yack attack” they always say. “Here comes the Yackster! The yackman!” They’re great guys, just great. So anyways, where ya from? So are you gonna bust me outta here or what?

Deer eating snowman’s carrot nose

deer eating snowman carrot

Who would have expected the whole herd to generalize their new discovery, to the noses of all humans? Certainly no one in Butte, on that snowy and fateful night, when suddenly, everything changed.

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