English Sheperd Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the English Sheperd Dog breed

  Some folks might like their lazy dogs, and that is fine. If you are looking for an active, smart, energetic, and eager animal, then the English Shepherd breed is right up your alley. This dog is all of those things and more, which is why it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular … Read more

Cute Dog Popping Balloons: Funny Youtube video

In this very funny puppy video, an enthusiastic and energized dog, Simon, (probably on caffeine, pops 74 balloons in 57 seconds.  That’s more than a balloon a minute.  Thanks Simon, for getting rid of those dangerous balloons and saving all of humanity.  You are without a doubt the most big hearted balloon popper ever. [youtube CoiFGva_JoY … Read more

Dolphin Makes bubble rings: You Tube Video

This is a beautiful, really amazing video of a dolphin making really cool air ring bubbles and then playing with them. The vid was taken at Sea World in Orlando.  The dolphin is so intelligent, playful, gentle and graceful.  there is really nice music in the video too, which helps to really capture the feel of it. … Read more