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Scottish Terrier Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Scottish Terrier Dog breed


Cute Scottish Terrier PuppyThere are certain dog breeds that you can picture alone, and others that you just have to see together. Scottish Terrier puppies, or “Scotties” as they are affectionately referred to, are dogs that you often see in pairs. These animals love to be together and they seem to relish the role of being a pet. Because of that and the fact that they seem to almost live forever, they are great house pets for the entire family. Most owners feel that the Scottish Terrier breed becomes a part of the family after a little while.
Scottish Terrier puppies are small, but they are extremely sturdy. They have a long, flowing coat of hair that usually requires grooming. In order for the breed to have its characteristic look, they have to be well groomed. For most owners, this type of care is required about once per month. As far as colors go, Scottish Terrier puppies normally come in dark colors. Dark grey and black are the two most common hues for these dogs.
Though these dogs have a nice look to them, people don’t generally buy them because of the appearance. What makes the Scottish Terrier breed so enviable is the fact that the dogs have personalities much like people. They are described by many owners as being dogs of high intelligence and high character. They are always full of energy and the scoot around the house so quickly that you can sometimes miss them. When it comes to protecting you, they don’t play around either. The Scottish Terrier breed is very loyal and extremely protective. They have a long standing tradition of serving as excellent watch dogs.
Like with most dogs, Scottish Terrier puppies must be effectively trained from a very early age if you want to have a good relationship with them. They need a strong owner who knows how to handle them with both care and with stern enforcement. Obedience training is not difficult, because they are extremely intelligent, but it must be enforced by both positive enforcement and negative consequences. They can learn both basic commands and tricks, as long as the owner knows a little bit about dog training.
Scottish Terrier puppies must be cared for a great deal, as they are prone to certain health issues. They have one specific issue that is so common that it was actually named for them. “Scottie Cramp” is a condition that is very painful and can sometimes restrict the movement of these dogs. It normally occurs in older animals, though.
Overall, this is a breed that relies on both its personality and its intelligence to get the job done. If you own one, you will want to own two. They can become a part of your family, given the appropriate amount of care and love.

Pekingese Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Pekingese Dog breed


Cute Boston Terrier PuppyFor those people who need a distinctive looking pet, the Pekingese breed is a perfect fit. You will never have to worry about Pekingese puppies being confused for other types of dogs, and they provide a nice bit of companionship to go along with their distinctive look.
As you might have guessed, the Pekingese breed is known for its beautiful, flowing coat that is the one distinctive part of its appearance. While some dogs are a set color, Pekingese puppies come in a number of different shades, so there is a good bit of variance in this breed. Nothing about these dogs is large, meaning that both their features and their body are quite petite.
Even though they might not be the biggest dogs on the block, Pekingese puppies are not scared of anyone. In fact, they are sometimes foolishly brave. They have lots of courage and lots of energy to expend and they are not shy about protecting your home. While not the most effective guard dogs on the market, Pekingese puppies are enough of a nuisance to serve as excellent watch dogs. Owners will learn from the beginning that Pekingese puppies do what they want to do when they want to do it. They have a strong will about them that is hard to break, but they will be very submissive to their master. Don’t expect strangers to have similar success controlling their actions, though.
Though the Pekingese breed does not have too many health problems to note, they do have a few things that owners must keep an eye out for if they want a healthy pet. Since they mostly live inside and don’t mind being lazy for quite a while, these dogs have a tendency to let their weight become an issue. They are canine couch potatoes, so owners have to make sure that new Pekingese puppies get plenty of exercise and don’t eat too much. In addition, these dogs are unique in the fact that they pick up colds very easily. Owners will want to keep an eye out for that.
While many dogs need a large, open space to survive, the Pekingese breed does just fine in whatever sort of atmosphere you prefer. They are perfect dogs for smaller apartments, because they can make themselves at home without having to have a large yard to move around in. Still, they do like to be outside, but can get by with only a couple of trips to the park or the occasional walk. This is why Pekingese puppies are a favorite for college students across the country.

English Sheperd Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the English Sheperd Dog breed


Cute Pekingese PuppySome folks might like their lazy dogs, and that is fine. If you are looking for an active, smart, energetic, and eager animal, then the English Shepherd breed is right up your alley. This dog is all of those things and more, which is why it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular breeds on the planet. They are beautiful animals who come equipped with smooth coats, which are easy to groom. These dogs were built for work and for play, so with the right type of training, they can be effective in a number of different ways.
English Shepherd puppies are bred to be working dogs, which makes them extremely capable of learning commands and following them with regularity. While it seems like work to train some breeds, the English Shepherd breed actually enjoys learning these new things and taking on new challenges. When they aren’t working, they want to be playing. By that, I mean that they want to spend their time in direct contact with their master. They always want to please, no matter what that means. These dogs crave attention, but they are fine simply being around their owner.
Because of the characteristics mentioned above, these dogs are extremely effective house animals and can be pets that the whole family loves. They are good around children, though their somewhat clumsy nature can be a concern at times. Though they are able to function at a high level in a home setting, they do need some room to exercise. Since English Shepherd puppies were originally bred as farm dogs, they like to be on the outside, running around and exploring things. As a general rule, they struggle somewhat in an apartment type of setting.
As mentioned before, they adapt to new commands better than almost any other breed of dog. They respond to positive re-enforcement, even if that reward is just attention from the owner. After putting in a very limited amount of time training English Shepherd puppies, you should notice some progress in regards to their behavior and their intelligence. They will work on new things for as long as you are willing, so be prepared for this when you begin a training session.
As far as health and care is concerned, these dogs are prone to things like ear infections, which is a common canine ailment. They do have some hip and bone problems on occasion, as well. Regularly trips to the veterinarian are the best policy when it comes to keeping the English Shepherd breed safe and happy.