Cute Baby Pictures and Images

Here are some very cute baby pictures, pics and images. Some of these babies are just too cute.  Other babies are just overflowing with personality…  Anyway, these cute babies in these pics are sure to brighten up your day.

Cute baby picture #1   Wow, what a perfect, beautiful baby.

 Cute baby picture

Cute baby pic #2: A blue eyed baby smiling and looking at the camera. 

Cute baby picture of smiling baby

Cute baby picture #3: Another smiling, laughing baby. Probably getting a bath in this pic.

Cute baby laughing


Cute baby pic #4: A lovely sleeping baby, holding a little rubber ducky. A very sweet and cute baby picture.

 Very cute sleeping baby picture, with little rubber ducky

Really cute baby picture #5  Another really nice image of a cute baby, smiling and laughing. In a cute hat.

Happy baby pic: A cute picture of a happy, laughing baby

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