Blue Ray Wins! Goodbye HD DVD (Warner and New Line tipped the scale to Blue Ray

Well, it was a very intense and competitive year (2007) for Blue ray and HD DVD.  HD DVD seemed stronger out of the gate- cheaper, but not quite as good resolution.  but towards the second half of 2007, Blue Ray started to pic up steam, in spite of being more expensive for consumers.  Which way the major movie studios would go was anybody’s guess at first, but gradually it’s getting clear how things are lining up. 

Yesterday, Warner switched positions and is now going with Blue Ray.   And Now New line, also owned by Time Warner, is following suit. of course, Sony’s movie division is going with Blue Ray, as are Walt Disney and Twentieth Century Fox.  Where will Universal  and Paramount come down?  So far, they are the only 2 of the four major studios sticking with HD DVD. The other 4 are exclusively with blue ray. This means most likely they will eventually cave, but until then, maybe players that play both? Definitely, Blue Ray now has the momentum and is predicted to win the next generation dvd battle. 

 Toshiba isn’t giving up though. Their next strategy is to include HD DVD players in laptops.  But most agree at this point it’s a losing battle.

 It’s just a matter of time before beta max, I mean, HD DVD, disappears. The sooner it happens, the easier it will be on consumers, and ultimately, the more profitable for movie studios and electronic manufacturers.

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