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Name Meaning Origin
Sabrina Legendary princess English
Sachi “Happiness, Blessing and Good Fortune” Japenese
Sachiko child of bliss japanese
Sadbh Good Irish
Sadhbba Wise Irish
Sadhbh Wise Irish
Sadie princess hebrew
Sadie Princess Hebrew
Sadio Name from W.African French-speaking countries meaning "pure." african
Sadio Name from W.African French-speaking countries meaning "pure." african
Sadira ostrich running from water arabic
Sadira Ostrich running from water Arabic
Sadler Life will go on and on. Open-minded. Unknown
Safa innocent; pure; serene arabic
Safa Innocent Arabic
Saffi wise danish
Safia, s Swahili and Arabic name meaning "pure and wise" or "lion’s share." african
Safiwah Tranquil Arabic
Safiya pure egyptian
Safiya Unknown African
Safiya Swahili and Arabic name meaning "pure and wise" or "lion’s share." african
Safiyeh Swahili and Arabic name meaning "pure and wise" or "lion’s share." african
Safiyyah tranquil; untroubled arabic
Sagira little one egyptian
Sagirah little one arabic
Sagirah Little one Arabic
Sahar awakening arabic
Sahar Awakening Arabic
Sahara Arabic
Sahkyo Navajo name meaning " mink." native
Sahlah smooth; soft; flowing arabic
Saida Swahili name meaning "helper." african
Saidah fortunate arabic
Saidah Fortunate Arabic
Saidie “Courteous,faithful.” Unknown
Saige “Wise, healthy.” Latin
Saihah good; useful arabic
Saina Princess Greek
Sakari sweet indian
Sakhmet myth name (goddess worshiped in Memphis, lioness) egyptian
Sakinah God-inspired peace of mind; tranquility arabic
Sakra from India indian
Sakujna bird indian
Sakura cherry blossoms japanese
Sakura Cherry Blossom. Japan
Salali Cherokee name meaning "squirrel." native
Salali Squirrel (Cherokee) Native American
Salama Swahili and Muslim name meaning "peace, safety." african
Salama peaceful egyptian
Salbatora Savior Spanish
Salihah correct; agreeable arabic
Salihah agreeable egyptian
Salimah peace; flawless; safe; healthy arabic
Sallie Princess Hebrew
Sally Princess Hebrew
Salma peaceful arabic
Salma Ambitious Spanish
Salma Swahili and Muslim name meaning "peace, safety." african
Saloma Tranquil Hebrew
Salome tranquil hebrew
Salome Tranquil Hebrew
Salomeaexl Tranquil Hebrew
Salvadora Savior Spanish
Salvatora Savior Spanish
Salwa solace; quail arabic
Samah generosity arabic
Samantha listener aramaic
Samantha name of God hebrew
Samantha Name of God Hebrew
Samar conversations at night arabic
Samar Conversations at night Arabic
Samara protected by God hebrew
Samara Protected by God Hebrew
Samarah “Mountain, outlook, ruled by god.” Hebrew
Sameh forgiver arabic
Sameh Forgiver Arabic
Samihah generous arabic
Samira woman who entertains arabic
Samirah Woman who entertains Arabic
Samiyah elevated; exhalted arabic
Sammy jo Sammy means name of God. Jo is an abbreviation of names like Joanna and Josephin. Also used as a prefix in compound names like Jobeth and Jolisa. “Hebrew,English”
Sammy-jo Unknown
Samoanna Princess American Samoa
Samuela asked of God hebrew
Samuela asked of God hebrew
Samuela Asked of God Hebrew
Samvarta myth name (a mare) indian
Sana’ brilliance; to gaze or look arabic
Sanaa “Work of Art, Beauty.” Swahili
Sanayah Eminent or Prominent. Unknown
Sancha Holy Spanish
Sancia holy italian
Sancia Holy Spanish
Sanda Variant of Alexandra, "defender of mankind." romanian
Sandhya twilight indian
Sandi “Defender, helper of all men.” Greek
Sandra protector of man greek
Sandra Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. English
Sang looking or behaving like people of upper classes (also a boy’s name) vietnamese
Saniyah “Resplendence, brillance.” Arabic
Sanjna conscientious indian
Sanora Unknown
Sanura Swahili name meaning "kitten-like." african
Sanura kitten egyptian
Sanuye Miwok name meaning " red cloud at sundown." SATINKA native
Sanya born on Sunday indian
Sanya To dream Russian-Yugoslavian
Sapphira jewel greek
Sapphira beautiful hebrew
Sapphira beautiful hebrew
Sapphira Beautiful Hebrew
Sapphire Beautiful Hebrew
Sara from Sarah in the Bible (princess) arabic
Sara soul indian
Sara Arabic form of Sarah Arabic
Sara Princess Hebrew
Sara Princess Spanish
Sarah Princess Hebrew
Sarai argumentative hebrew
Sarai argumentative hebrew
Sarai Argumentative Hebrew
Saraid Excellent Irish
Sarajane Unknown
Sarama quick indian
Saran Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire name meaning "joy." african
Sarika princess hungarian
Sarina Variant of Sara and Serene. serene. Calm. Unknown
Sarisha Sophisticated Hindu
Sarita Princess Spanish
Sarita Princess Hebrew
Sarohildi Armored battle maiden German
Sarsoureh bug arabic
Sarsoureh Bug Arabic
Sasha Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. English
Saskia meaning unknown dutch
Saskia Protector of Mankind. Slavic
Sati true indian
Satu sugar japanese
Saturnina Gift of Saturn Spanish
Sauda Swahili name meaning "black-skinned." african
Saumya “Soft natured, gentle.” Indian
Saura of the Saura indian
Savanna From the open plain Spanish
Savannah From the open plain Spanish
Savarna same color indian
Saveage sister of Lyones arthurian
Saveage Sister of Lyones Arthurian Legend
Savitari myth name (daughter of Ashvapati) indian
Sawsan lily of the valley arabic
Saxona a Saxon english
Saxona “A Saxon, one of the sword people.” English
Saxonia A Saxon English
Saxons A Saxon English
Sayda Super lucky Spanish
Sbtinka Magical dancer Native American
Scarlet Red English
Scarlett red english
Scarlett Red English
Scelflesh From the edge meadow English
Schlomit Tranquil Hebrew
Scota Scotland Irish
Scotia Scotland
Scotlyn Proper Scottish
Scylla myth name (a sea monster) greek
Seana gift from God gaelic
Seana Present Irish
Seanna Gods generosity. Hebrew
Searlait tiny and womanly french
Searlait Feminine form of Charles mannish Irish
Searlait Tiny and womanly French
Sebastene adored greek
Sebastiana feminine form of Sebastiano (revered) italian
Sebille a fairy arthurian
Sebille A fairy Arthurian Legend
Seble wengel Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "harvest of the New Testament." african
Sechet myth name egyptian
Seda silk chamoru
Seentahna Strangth and courage. Indian
Segulah precious hebrew
Segulah precious hebrew
Segulah Precious Hebrew
Segunda Born second Spanish
Seina Innocent Spanish
Sekai Popular Zimbabwe name meaning "laughter." african
Sekhet wife of Ptah egyptian
Sela Ewe of W. Africa unisexual name meaning "savior." african
Sela rock hebrew
Sela rock hebrew
Sela Rock Hebrew
Selam Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia unisexual name meaning "peace." african
Selamawit Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "she is peaceful." african
Sele Rock Hebrew
Selena moon greek
Selena Variant of Celine. Spanish
Selene Goddess of the Moon Unknown
Seleta Rock Hebrew
Selima Tranquil Hebrew
Selma comely celtic
Selma secure egyptian
Selma Comely Celtic
Semadar berry hebrew
Semadar berry hebrew
Semadar Berry Hebrew
Semele myth name (mother of Dionysus) greek
Semira from heaven hebrew
Semira From heaven Hebrew
Senalda Sign Spanish
Senna Unknown
Senona Lively Spanish
Senora Chamoru Spanish, "lady." chamoru
Senta assistant german
Senta Assistant German
Sente Assistant German
Seosaimhin Fertile Irish
Seosaimhthin Fertile Irish
Serafina from the seraph italian
Serafina Seraph Spanish
Serafine Burning fire Hebrew
Seraphina burning fire hebrew
Seraphina Burning fire Hebrew
Seraphine Burning fire Hebrew
Serefina Burning fire Hebrew
Seren Star Welsh
Serena serene italian
Serena Serene Spanish
Serenata Chamoru Spanish, "serenade; evening music." chamoru
Serenity peaceful disposition Unknown
Serhild Armored battle maiden German
Serhilda Armored battle maiden German
Serihilda Armored battle maiden German
Serihilde Armored battle maiden German
Serilda armored battle-maid german
Serilda Armored battle maiden German
Serpuhi holy armenian
Serq myth name (another form of Isis) egyptian
Settarra Beloved French
Sevin Very Beautiful Unknown
Sevti white rose indian
Seyane Combination of Samantha-Ian. Unknown
Sha-mia To be of high spirit. African
Shace Unknown
Shada Pelican Native American
Shadha aromatic arabic
Shadi Navajo name meaning " older sister." native
Shadia She sings: Beatiful voice. Arabic
Shadiyah singer arabic
Shaela From the fairy palace Celtic
Shaeleigh Unknown
Shaelynn Descendant of the fortunate one. Variant of Shea. Irish
Shahana Indian
Shahrazad teller of "Tales of 1,001 Nights" arabic
Shaibya myth name (faithful wife) indian
Shailey Unknown Unknown
Shaina Beautiful. Hebrew
Shakeh meaning unknown armenian
Shakini myth name (a demon) indian
Shakira Unknown
Shalene Unknown
Shalott land of Astolet arthurian
Shalott Land of Astolet Arthurian Legend
Shamay French
Shamika Loving and kind. Love attention but can be shy. Very beautiful. African American
Shamra Ready for battle. Arabic
Shan coral chinese
Shanaye Beautiful one from a fairy palace. Irish
Shani Swahili name meaning "marvelous." african
Shani wonderful egyptian
Shania Native American
Shanika “Vibrant, cheerful.” English
Shaniyah Pretty as a blooming blossom. Grenadian
Shanna Irish
Shannen Longest river in Ireland. Alternate Spelling: Shannon. Irish
Shanta meaning unknown indian
Shantae Beautifull woman filling with her beauty Africa
Shapa cursed indian
Sharada lute indian
Sharaden Unknown Unknown
Sharama myth name (dog of dawn) indian
Sharanya Unknown
Sharayah Friend. Hebrew
Sharayah Friend. Hebrew
Sharifa respected egyptian
Sharifah noble arabic
Sharifah Noble Arabic
Sharlene Feminine variant of Charles meaning manly English
Sharmila Blissful one. Sanskrit
Sharni Plain of many roses Irish
Sharnta To sing or cheer. French
Sharon from the land of Sharon hebrew
Sharon From the land of Sharon Hebrew
Sharongila Unknown African American
Sharufa Swahili and Somali name meaning "distinguished" and "outstanding." african
Shashi moon indian
Shasti myth name (goddess of childbirth) indian
Shauna Present Irish
Shaunta Pretty. Unknown
Shauntia She walks with the sun. Swahili
Shavana Variant of Shivani. Hindu God Shiva. Hindu
Shawn Present Irish
Shawna Variant of Shaun. Celtic
Shawnasea Unknown Unknown
Shawnette Beautiful intellgent flower. American
Shawnita Blue diamond. American
Shawntel Singer French
Shay-lee Little fairy from over the hill. Unknown
Shayde Variant of masculine Shade. Unknown
Shayla Fairy Celtic
Shaylee Variant of Shay. A gift. From the fairy fort. Unknown
Shayleigh Fairy Princess Celtic
Shaylynn Unknown
Shayna Pretty girl. Variant of Shane. Yiddish
Shealyn Fairy palace or fairy place. Variant of Shea. Irish
Sheelah Irish form of Cecilia blind Irish
Sheena God’s gift hebrew
Sheena God’s gift Hebrew
Sheila Irish form of Cecilia blind Irish
Sheilah Music Italian
Sheiramoth From heaven Hebrew
Shekinah The visible Glory of God Unknown
Shelbi From the sheltered farm. Anglo-Saxon
Shelby Sheltered town English
Shelley "From the ledge meadow." Variant, Shelly, exists. anglo
Shelley from the edge meadow english
Shelley From the ledge meadow Anglo-Saxon
Shelley From the edge meadow English
Shelly From the ledge meadow Anglo-Saxon
Shemariah Protected by God Hebrew
Sherise Unknown
Sherrer Unknown
Sherri From the white meadow English
Sherry from the white meadow english
Sherry From the white meadow. Variant of the French Cherie dear one: darling English
Sheshebens Cheyenne name meaning "small duck." native
Sheshebens Small duck (Chippewa) Native American
Shiann Unknown
Shianna German
Shideezhi Navajo name meaning " younger sister." native
Shifra beautiful hebrew
Shifra Beautiful Hebrew
Shika deer japanese
Shikyna Presence of God. Hebrew
Shima Navajo name meaning " mother." native
Shimasani Navajo name meaning " grandmother." native
Shina virtue; good japanese
Shini To shine among all. Indian
Shino stem of bamboo japanese
Shira tune hebrew
Shira Tune Hebrew
Shiri Tune Hebrew
Shirley From the white meadow English
Shitala (goddess of smallpox) indian
Shoshana Lily Spanish
Shoushan Armenian name for Susan (lily) armenian
Shraddha faithful indian
Shri wealthy indian
Shriya Indian
Shu fang kind; gentle and sweet chinese
Shuang bright; clear; openhearted chinese
Shukura grateful egyptian
Shulamit Tranquil Hebrew
Shuman Hopi name meaning " rattlesnake handler." SIHU native
Shuman Rattlesnake handler (Hopi) Native American
Shunnareh pleasant arabic
Shunnareh Pleasant Arabic
Shyann “Variant of Shyanne, Cheyenne.” Unknown
Shyanna Desert sun. Alternate Spelling: Cheyanne. Unknown
Shyla American
Siann Gods gracious gift. Variant of Sian. Welsh
Siannan Alternate Spelling: Shannon. Irish
Siany Good health Irish
Sibeal Prophetess Irish
Sibley "Friendly." anglo
Sibley oracle greek
Sibley Fiendly Anglo-Saxon
Sibyla prophetess french
Sibyla Prophetess French
Siddalee “From the movie,” Unknown
Sidon woman of Sidonia. SIDRA, SIDERA, SIDERIA, SIDEREA latin
Sidonia captivates hebrew
Sidonia Captivates Hebrew
Sidonia Follower of Saint Denys French
Sidonie follower of Saint Denys french
Sidonie Follower of Saint Denys French
Sidonie Captivates Hebrew
Sidra Of the stars or star. Roman
Siena A town in Italy. Unknown
Sienna Unknown
Sierra Dark Feminine of Ciaran. Irish
Sigfreda victorious german
Sigfreda Victorious German
Sigfrieda Victorious German
Sigfriede Victorious German
Sigilwig Champion German
Sigrid victorious counselor danish
Sigune Percival’s cousin arthurian
Sigune Percival’s cousin Arthurian Legend
Siham arrows arabic
Sihu Flower (Hopi) Native American
Silana Dignified French
Sile Gaelic form of Sheila (blind) gaelic
Sile Youthful Irish
Sileas Youthful Scottish
Silver "White." anglo
Silver White Anglo-Saxon
Silvia from the woods romanian
Sima Listener Scottish
Simcha joyous hebrew
Simcha Joyous Hebrew
Simona loud hebrew
Simona Italian form of Simone (one who hears) italian
Simona listening intently romanian
Simona God is heard Spanish
Simona Loud Hebrew
Simone heard; good listener. french
Simone Loud Hebrew
Simone Heard French
Sin? God is gracious. English Translation: Jane. Irish
Sine feminine form of Sean (God is gracious) gaelic
Sine Praise Irish
Sinead kind hebrew
Sinead Kind Hebrew
Sinead Praise Irish
Sineidin Praise Irish
Sinopa Blackfoot name meaning "fox." SISIKA native
Sinopa Fox (Black Foot) Native American
Sinovia stranger greek
Siobhan Irish equivalent of Joan, "The Lord is Gracious." SLAINE, SLANY, SIANY irish
Siobhan Praise Irish
Siobhan Kind Hebrew
Sippora bird hebrew
Sippora Bird Hebrew
Siran beautiful armenian
Sirena Chamoru Spanish, "mermaid." chamoru
Sirena named for the Sirens greek
Sirena A sweet singer or siren Greek
Sirvat beautiful rose armenian
Sisay Amharic of Ethiopia unisexual name meaning "omen of good things, a blessing." african
Sisi Akan of Ghana unisexual name meaning "born on Sunday." african
Sisika Bird Native American
Sita furrow indian
Sitala Miwok name meaning " of good memory." native
Sitara morning star indian
Siti Swahili name meaning "lady." african
Siti lady egyptian
Sitsi Navajo name meaning " daughter." native
Siubhan Gaelic form of Joan (God is gracious) gaelic
Siubhan Praised Scottish
Siusan lily gaelic
Siusan Lily Scottish
Sive Good Irish
Skena From Skene Scottish
Sky “Innocent baby, beautiful child.” Indian
Skye sheltering dutch
Skyler “Shield, scholar. Variant of Schuyler.” Dutch
Skyller Sky. Variant of Schuyler meaning scholar. American
Skylor Eagle Irish
Skyrah “Eternal life, strength, love, and beauty.” English
Slaine Good health Irish
Slainie Health French
Slania health french
Slania Health French
Slanie Health French
Slany Good health Irish
Socorro Help Spanish
Sofia Wise Spanish
Sofie wise dutch
Sofier Wise. Variant of Sophie. Greek
Sofiya wisdom SONIA, SONYA, SONJA, SONECHKA russian
Sokanon Algonquin name meaning "rain." native
Sokanon Rain (Algonquin) Native American
Sokw Algonquin name meaning "sour." native
Sokw Sour (Algonquin) Native American
Solaina Dignified French
Solaine Dignified French
Solana Sunshine Spanish
Solange dignified french
Solange Dignified French
Soledad Solitary Spanish
Soledada Solitary Spanish
Soleil Sun. French
Solon wise greek
Solvig champion german
Solvig Champion German
Sonia wisdom romanian
Sonia Unknown
Sonrisa Smiles Spanish
Sonya Loud. English
Sooleawa Algonquin name meaning "silver." native
Sooleawa Silver (Algonquin) Native American
Sophia wise greek
Sophia Wisdom. Greek
Sophie Wisdom. Variant of Sophia Greek
Sophronia of judicious mind greek
Sorcha Intelligent Irish
Soredamors Gawain’s sister arthurian
Soredamors Gawain’s sister Arthurian Legend
Sorine, sorina feminine form of Sorin (of Thor) danish
Sosanna Lily Irish
Souad, su’ad meaning unknown arabic

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    Roka meaning:fox (female)
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    Raiah meaning:rice,plant (female)

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