Baby Girls Names Database: Meaning and Origin of Girls

Girls Baby Name Database: Meaning and Origin. Page 25

Name Meaning Origin Yolotli unisexual name meaning "heart." nahuatl Yoloxochitl flower of the heart nahuatl Yoltzin small heart nahuatl Yolyamanitzin male or female name meaning "just" or "tender and considerate person." nahuatl Yona dove hebrew Yona Dove Hebrew Yone meaning unknown japanese Yonina Dove Hebrew Yonita Dove Hebrew Yoora Enough silk Korean Yordana descended from [...]

Girls Baby Name Database: Meaning and Origin. Page 24

Name Meaning Origin Tracie Alternate Spelling: Tracy. French Tracy From Thracia. Dates from before the Norman conquest as a surname. French Trandafira meaning unknown romanian Traviata astray italian Treasa Strong Irish Treise Strong Irish Trella Star Spanish Trenade Unknown Tresa Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint’s name of uncertain meaning. German Tressa Variant [...]

Girls Baby Name Database: Meaning and Origin. Page 23

Name Meaning Origin Souleah Peace Unknown Soumra brownish color arabian Soyala Hopi name meaning " time of the winter solstice." native Soyala Time of the winter solstice (Hopi) Native American Speranza hope italian Sroda Ghanaian name meaning "respect." african Stacey Variant of Anastasia. Means She will rise again. Greek Stacie Princess (from the name Anastacia) [...]

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