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Name Meaning Origin
Perahta glorious german
Perahta Glorious German
Perfecta Perfect Spanish
Perke Devoted to God Hebrew
Persephone myth name (wife of Hades) greek
Persephone The daughter of Demeter and Zeus who was abducted by Hades but rescued by her mother and thereafter spent six months of the year on earth and six months in the underworld. Greek
Persis from Persia greek
Perzsi Devoted to God Hebrew
Perzsike devoted to God hebrew
Perzsike Devoted to God Hebrew
Peta Blackfoot name meaning " golden eagle." PETUNIA native
Peta Golden eagle (Black Foot) Native American
Peta-gaye Unknown Unknown
Petra Rock Greek
Petrina rock greek
Petrina A rock. Greek
Petrine feminine of Pedar (rock) danish
Petronela rock romanian
Petronilla Rock German
Petronille rock german
Petronille Rock German
Petunia Flower name Native American
Phaedra myth name (daughter of Minos) greek
Phaethusa myth name greek
Phalyn Loving person. Canada
Phebe “Variant of Phoebe: Bright One, Shining, Pure.” Greek
Phemie well-spoken greek
Pheodora supreme gift greek
Phiala Saintname Irish
Phila loving greek
Philana lover of man greek
Philberta brilliant english
Philberta Brilliant English
Philipinna Loves horses German
Philippa Lover of Horses. Variant of masculine Philipp. Greek
Philippine loves horses german
Philippine Loves horses German
Phillida loving greek
Phillipa loves horses french
Phillipa lover of horses greek
Phillipa Loves horses French
Philomela nightingale greek
Philomena greatly loved greek
Philothea loves of God greek
Phoebe sparkling greek
Phoebe myth name (mother of Leto) greek
Phoenix heron greek
Phoenyx A mythical bird Arabic
Phuong orientation (geometry); phoenix vietnamese
Phyllis green bough greek
Phyllis A green branch. Greek
Pia pious italian
Pia Pious Spanish
Pierretta Feminine form of Pierre French
Pierrette feminine form of Pierre (rock) french
Pierrette Feminine form of Pierre French
Pietra rock italian
Pilar Pillar Spanish
Pili born second egyptian
Ping duckweed chinese
Piper piper english
Piper Piper English
Pipere Piper English
Pippa lover of horses italian
Piroska Hungarian form of Priscilla (ancient) hungarian
Pishachi shrew indian
Pithasthana myth name (wife of Shiva) indian
Placida Tranquil Spanish
Pleasure myth name greek
Podarge myth name (a Harpy) greek
Polikwaptiwa Butterfly sitting on a flower (Hopi) Native American
Poll Bitter Hebrew
Polly Bitter Hebrew
Poloma Choctaw name meaning " bow." native
Poloma Bow (Choctaw) Native American
Polyhymnia myth name (muse of sacred song) greek
Polyxena myth name (daughter of Priam) greek
Poppy flower english
Poppy Flower English
Porsche Offering German
Portia meaning unknown english
Portia Latin
Posala Miwok name meaning " farewell to spring flowers." POWAQA native
Powaqa Witch (Hopi) Native American
Pramlocha myth name (a nymph) indian
Presley Unknown
Pridwyn name of Arthur’s ship arthurian
Pridwyn Name of Arthur’s ship Arthurian Legend
Primavera Springtime Spanish
Priscilla Unknown
Priyana Ideal Indian
Priyanka beloved indian
Procne myth name (wife of Pandion) greek
Promyse Variant of Promise. A vow. English
Prudencia Prudent Spanish
Prunella color of plum french
Prunella Color of plum French
Prunellie Color of plum French
Prydwyn Name of Arthur’s ship Arthurian Legend
Psyche myth name (lover of Cupid) greek
Ptaysanwee Sioux name meaning " white buffalo." native
Puebla From the city Spanish
Puengi night chamoru
Pules Algonquin name meaning "pigeon." ROZENE native
Pules Pigeon (Algonquin) Native American
Pura Pure Spanish
Pureza Pure Spanish
Purisima Pure Spanish
Pyrena ardent greek
Pyrrha myth name (daughter of Epimetheus) greek
Pythia prophetess greek
Qeturah incense hebrew
Qeturah Incense Hebrew
Qi fine jade; outstanding; distinguished chinese
Qiannah Beautiful princess shining like morning sun. Unknown
Qiao handsome; pretty chinese
Qing yuan clear spring chinese
Qistina Justice Arabic
Qubilah concord arabic
Queena queen english
Queena Queen English
Queenie Queen English
Querida Beloved Spanish
Quetzalxochitl precious flower; queen nahuatl
Quibilah peaceful egyptian
Quinevere Arthur’s queen Arthurian Legend
Quinta Born fifth Spanish
Quy precious (also a boy’s name) vietnamese
Quyen a kind of bird vietnamese
Ra doe english
Ra Doe English
Ra’idah leader arabic
Raananah unspoiled hebrew
Raananah Unspoiled Hebrew
Rabab white cloud arabic
Rabah Fourth born Hebrew
Rabi spring arabic
Rabi’ah garden; springtime arabic
Rabiah born during the spring egyptian
Rachael “Variant of Rachel, Innocent Lamb” Hebrew
Rachel lamb german
Rachel ewe hebrew
Rachel Ewe Hebrew
Rachel Lamb German
Rachele lamb italian
Rachele Ewe Hebrew
Rachelle lamb french
Rachelle Lamb French
Rachid Swahili name meaning "righteous." african
Radella elfin counselor english
Radella Elfin counselor English
Radeyah content; satisfied arabic
Radhiya Swahili name meaning "agreeable." african
Radwa a mountain in Medina arabic
Rae Doe English
Raedself Elfin counselor English
Raegan Spiritual strength. Irish
Raelynn Unknown
Raena Queen Raena
Rafa Happy Arabic
Rafa’ happiness; prosperity arabic
Rafela Healer Hebrew
Raghd pleasant arabic
Ragnall Gawain’s wife arthurian
Ragnall Gawain’s wife Arthurian Legend
Rahi Spring Arabic
Rahil Innocent Hebrew
Rahimah merciful; compassionate arabic
Rahimateh grace arabic
Rahimateh Grace Arabic
Rahni Princess. Hindu
Raicheal Name of a saint Irish
Raimunda Wise defender Spanish
Rain Unknown
Rain Unknown
Raina Chamoru Spanish, "queen." chamoru
Raina queen french
Raina Queen French
Rainaa Queen: Original name Raina Spanish
Raison Thinker French
Raissa thinker french
Raissa Thinker French
Raja hope arabic
Raja Hope Arabic
Rakel Ewe Hebrew
Raleigh Blessing to earth. Unknown
Raluca meaning unknown romanian
Ramatulai Wolof of Senegal name. Meaning unknown. african
Ramira Judicious Spanish
Ramla Swahili name meaning "fortune teller" or "prophet." african
Ramla prophetess egyptian
Ramona wise guardian romanian
Ramona Wise defender Spanish
Ran water lily japanese
Rana behold arabic
Rana roayl indian
Rana Behold Arabic
Ranait Wealthy or charming Irish
Ranalt Wealthy or charming Irish
Rand to gaze; look arabic
Randi “Variant of Randall. Shield, wolf.” Anglo-Saxon
Ranica Lovely tune Hebrew
Ranice Lovely tune Hebrew
Raniesha Princess. African
Ranit lovely tune hebrew
Ranit Lovely tune Hebrew
Ranita Lovely tune Hebrew
Raniyah gazing arabic
Raoghnailt Lamb Scottish
Raonaid ewe gaelic
Raonaid Innocent Hebrew
Raphaella healer hebrew
Raphaella Healer Hebrew
Raquel innocent hebrew
Raquel Lamb Spanish
Raquel Innocent Hebrew
Raquell Precious. African American
Rasha gazelle arabic
Rasha Gazelle Arabic
Rasheeda Swahili name meaning "righteous." african
Rashida Swahili name meaning "righteous." african
Rashida wise; mature arabic
Rashida righteous egyptian
Rashmika sweet indian
Rathnait Wealthy or charming Irish
Rati myth name (wife of Pradyumna) indian
Ratna a jewel indian
Ravati myth name (a princess) indian
Raven dark-haired, wise english
Raven Dark haired or wise English
Ravyn Dark haired or wise English
Rawdah garden arabic
Rawiyah transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry arabic
Raychel Variant of Rachel. American
Raylai Princess Thailand
Rayya sated with drink arabic
Raziya Swahili name meaning "sweet, agreeable." african
Raziya agreeable egyptian
Raziya Swahili name meaning "sweet, agreeable." african
Reagan From the King. Ireland
Reaghan Nobility Celtic
Reaghann Royal Celtic
Reba fourth born hebrew
Reba Fourth born Hebrew
Rebecca captivating hebrew
Rebecca Captivating Hebrew
Rebecka Captivating. Hebrew
Rebekah Captivating Hebrew
Reese Unknown
Regan nobility celtic
Regan myth name english
Regan Nobility Celtic
Regina queen italian
Regina queen romanian
Regina Queen Spanish
Rehema Swahili name meaning "compassion." african
Rehema compassionate egyptian
Rehema Swahili name meaning "compassion." african
Rei gratitude japanese
Reigne Unknown
Reileigh Variant of Riley. Unknown
Reina Queen French
Reina Queen Spanish
Reine Queen French
Relia variant of Aurelia, "gold." romanian
Remedios Remedy Spanish
Rena peaceful greek
Rena joyous song hebrew
Rena Joyous song Hebrew
Renae Renae: To be born again German
Renata rebirth italian
Rene Reborn French
Renee reborn french
Renee Reborn French
Reneigh Variation of Renee: Reborn Latin
Renenet myth name (goddess of fortune) egyptian
Renny Wealthy or charming Irish
Resi gatherer greek
Reva Rain Unknown
Reveka Captivating Hebrew
Reya Queen Spanish
Reylynn Unknown English
Rez copper-haired hungarian
Rhaxma Somali name meaning "sweet." african
Rhaxma Somali name meaning "sweet." african
Rhea myth name (wife of Cronus) greek
Rheanna Unknown
Rhearn Magic Madien or Little Flower. Welsh
Rheda A goddess anglo
Rheda A goddess Anglo-Saxon
Rhesa Unknown
Rheta speaker greek
Rhianna Goddess. Welsh
Rhiannon myth name (daughter of Hefeydd) celtic
Rhiannon Mythical daughter of Hefeydd Celtic
Rhoda rose greek
Rhonda Good spear. Celtic
Rhyannon Goddess Welsh
Ria From the river’s mouth Spanish
Rica Rules the home Spanish
Ricadonna ruling lady italian
Ricarda strong ruler english
Ricarda ruler german
Ricarda Strong ruler English
Ricarda Ruler German
Ricarda Rules the home Spanish
Ricca Rich Spanish
Richael Name of a saint Irish
Richelle “Powerful ruler, Brave one.” Old German
Richere Variant of male Richer. Great. French
Richlynn “Powerful ruler, cascade of wealth.” Anglo-Saxon
Rida favored by God arabic
Riddhi wealthy indian
Ridhi Prosperity Indian
Rigmor myth name danish
Rihana sweet basil arabic
Riikka feminine form of Rikkard (strong ruler) finnish
Riikka “Variant of Fredrica, Fredric. Peaceful ruler.” Unknown
Rikka mistress of all german
Riley Island meadow. Variant of Ryley. Surname. Irish
Rilla brook german
Rilla Brook German
Rille Brook German
Rilletta Stream English
Rillette stream english
Rillette Stream English
Rillia Brook German
Rillie Brook German
Rilynn Variant of Ryland. English
Rim gazelle arabic
Rima white antelope arabic
Rima White antelope Arabic
Rimona pomegranate hebrew
Rimona Pomegranate Hebrew
Rina Joyous song Hebrew
Rinat “Happiness, melody.” Hebrew
Rinna Joyous song Hebrew
Rinnah Joyous song Hebrew
Rio River Spanish
Rioghnach Royal Irish
Riona Royal Irish
Risa Laughter Spanish
Rita Pearl Spanish
Ritsa protector of man greek
Riva From the shore French
Rive from the shore french
Rive From the shore French
Rivka Captivating Hebrew
Roana Reddish brown skin Spanish
Roanne “Rugged Land. Alternate Spelling: Rowann, Roann, Rowanne, Roanne.” Old English
Robena Robin Scottish
Roberta famous english
Roberta Famous English
Robertia Famous English
Robina Robin Scottish
Robinetta Small robin French
Robinette small robin french
Robinette Small robin French
Robynne “Red Beauty, Type of Bird.” Unknown
Roch glory german
Roch Glory German
Rochelle French
Rocio Dew drops Spanish
Roderica famous ruler german
Roderica Famous ruler German
Roderiga Notable leader Spanish
Roderika Famous ruler German
Rodica renowned ruler romanian
Roesia Rose French
Rohais Rose French
Roial Regal French
Rois Horse Irish
Rolanda from the famous land german
Rolanda From the famous land German
Rolande From the famous land German
Roldana Famous Spanish
Roma from Rome italian
Romaine from Rome french
Romaine From Rome French
Romana From Rome Spanish
Romana From Rome French
Romanitza from Rome romanian
Romhild Glorious battle maiden German
Romhilda Glorious battle maiden German
Romhilde Glorious battle maiden German
Romilda glorious battle-maid german
Romilda Glorious battle maiden German
Romilde Glorious battle maiden German
Romina From the Christian land Arabian
Rona My joy Hebrew
Ronat seal celtic
Ronat Seal Celtic
Ronce Combination of Ronan and Grace. Unknown
Rondalyn Unknown Unknown
Ronelle Powerful Seas. Welsh
Rong Lotus; beautiful; elegant chinese
Ronia My joy Hebrew
Ronli my joy hebrew
Ronli My joy Hebrew
Rori Brilliant Irish
Ros rose gaelic
Rosa Noted protector German
Rosaleen Variant of Roisin: Little Rose Gaelic
Rosalie rose italian
Rosalind Beautiful Spanish
Rosalinda Beautiful Spanish
Rosalinde Beautiful Spanish
Rosamaria Bitter Spanish
Rosamonde Rose French
Rosamund noted protector german
Rosamund Noted protector German
Rosana Graceful rose Hebrew
Rosanne graceful rose hebrew
Rosanne Graceful rose Hebrew
Rosario Beautiful Spanish
Roschelle Unknown
Rose rose french
Rose Rose French
Rose Flower Scottish
Rosemaria Bitter French
Rosemarie bitter rose french
Rosemarie Bitter French
Rosemarie Bitter Spanish
Rosemary A flower. Latin
Rosemonde Noted protector German
Rosemunda Noted protector German
Rosetta little rose italian
Rosiyn Beautiful Spanish
Roux red french
Roux Red French
Rowa Lovely vision. Arabic
Rowena "White-haired." anglo
Rowena white, comely celtic
Rowena White or comely Celtic
Rowena White haired Anglo-Saxon
Roxana dawn romanian
Roxane dawn french
Roxane Dawn French
Roxanna Dawn Persian
Roxanne Dawn French
Roxi Unknown
Roxy Unknown Unknown
Royale regal french
Royale Regal French
Rozalia lily, rose hungarian
Rozamond known defender dutch
Rozene Rose Native American
Rozhin The begining of the day Kurdish
Rozmonda Noted protector German
Rozomund Noted protector German
Rubie Jewel French
Ruby jewel french
Ruby Jewel French
Rudella Famous German
Rudelle famous german
Rudelle Famous German
Rudrani meaning unknown indian
Rufa Red haired Spanish
Rufina red-haired italian
Rufina Red haired Spanish
Rukan steady; confident arabic
Ruma myth name (queen of the apes) indian
Ruomhildi Glorious battle maiden German
Rupetta Famous German
Rupette Famous German
Ruqayyah gentle; daughter of the prophet arabic
Rusalka wood sprite czechoslovakian
Russu rose finnish
Ruta Friend Hebrew
Rute beautiful finnish
Ruth friend hebrew
Ruth Friend Hebrew
Ruthie Fun loving. Canadian
Ruwaydah walking gently arabic
Ruza rose czechoslovakian
Ryann Little leader Celtic
Rydia Rose pettles on still water. Greek
Ryeleigh Variant of Riley. Unknown
Ryenne To bring home from overseas American
Rylee English Meadow. Variant of Riley. Irish
Rylie Male version of Reilly Irish
Ryoko Dragon. Japenese
Saada Swahili name meaning "help." african
Saada Swahili name meaning "help." african
Saarah Princess. Arabic
Saba from Sheba greek
Sabah morning arabic
Sabah born in the morning egyptian
Sabana Chamoru Spanish, "grass-covered mountain; hilly hilly." area. chamoru
Sabana From the open plain Spanish
Sabina Sabine romanian
Sabina A Sabine Spanish
Sabirah of great patience arabic
Sabirah Of great patience Arabic
Sabiya Morning eastern wind Arabic
Sabra to rest hebrew
Sabra To rest Hebrew
Sabria Daughter of Cyprus. Unknown
Sabrina legendary princess english
Sabrina from the border italian

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