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Name Meaning Origin
Nicanora Victorious army Spanish
Nichele Blend of Nichole and Michelle. English
Nichol Feminine of Nicholas people’s victory. French
Nichole Feminine of Nicholas people’s victory. French
Nicholette Alternate Spelling: Nicolette. Unknown
Nicia feminine form of Nicholas (people’s victory) greek
Nicia people’s victory italian
Nicki Abbreviation of Nicole. Victory. English
Nickie Abbreviation of Nicole. Victory. English
Nickolette Serenity English
Nicola people’s victory french
Nicola People’s victory French
Nicole Victory of the people Philipino
Nicole Victory of the People. French
Nicoleta victory of the people romanian
Nicolette People’s victory French
Nicolle Victory of the people. French
Nicquel “Stubborn, but willing to please. A quick learner if she is paying attention. Loving all the way around.” Unknown
Nida call arabic
Nidawi Omaha name meaning " fairy." native
Nidra myth name (goddess of sleep) indian
Nielsine feminine form of Neils (champion) danish
Nieve Snowy Spanish
Nigesa Lumasada of Kenya name meaning "born in the harvest season." african
Nighean Young woman Scottish
Nighinn Young woman Scottish
Niharika Dew Drop. Curtain of mist. Indian
Nijah A beatiful rose. Middle Eastern
Nijlon Algonquin name meaning "mistress." NINA native
Nijlon Mistress (Algonquin) Native American
Nikayla Unknown
Nike myth name (goddess of victory) greek
Nikita victorious people NINOCHKA, NINA russian
Nikita Russian
Nikki Unisexual name meaning "two trees." Also a surname. japanese
Nikki Abbreviation of Nicole. Victory. English
Nikkia Unknown
Nikkie Abbreviation of Nicole. Victory. English
Nilah Success American
Nile from the Nile egyptian
Nili success hebrew
Nili Success Hebrew
Nimiane The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Nimue The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Nin Grace Hebrew
Nina grace hebrew
Nina girl romanian
Nina Strong Native American
Nina Girl Spanish
Nina Grace Hebrew
Ninacska Grace Hebrew
Ninette grace french
Ninette Grace French
Nineve the Lady of the Lake arthurian
Nineve The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Nini West African name meaning "stone." african
Ninon Grace French
Niobe fern greek
Nipa stream indian
Nira Plow Hebrew
Niria plow hebrew
Niria Plow Hebrew
Nirit plant hebrew
Nirit Plant Hebrew
Nirveli from the water indian
Nisa Unknown
Nisha “Vision, divine light.” Unknown
Nishan Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "award, medal." african
Nit myth name egyptian
Nita Choctaw name meaning "bear." native
Nita Serious Spanish
Nita Grace Hebrew
Nita Bear (Choctaw) Native American
Nitsa peace greek
Nittawosew Algonquin name meaning "she is not sterile." NITUNA native
Nittawosew She is not sterile (Algonquin) Native American
Nituna Daughter Native American
Nitza Blossom Hebrew
Nitzanah blossom hebrew
Nitzanah Blossom Hebrew
Niut myth name (goddess of nothingness) egyptian
Nixie little water sprite german
Nixie Little water sprite German
Nizana Blossom Hebrew
Njemile Ngoni of Malawi name meaning "upstanding." african
Nkechi Nigerian name meaning "loyal." african
Noa Movement Hebrew
Nochtli unisexual name meaning "prickly pear fruit." nahuatl
Noe mist; misty rain hawaiian
Noel Christmas french
Noel Christmas French
Noelani mist of heaven; heavenly girl hawaiian
Noelani Mist of heaven Hawaiian
Noele Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christ’s birth and Christmas festival. French
Noelene Feminine pet form of NOEL English
Noell Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christ’s birth and Christmas festival. French
Noella Christmas French
Noelle Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christ’s birth and Christmas festival. French
Noemi Variant of Hebrew Naomi Pleasantness. Spanish
Noemie Variant of Hebrew Naomi Pleasantness. French
Noga sparkle hebrew
Noga Sparkle Hebrew
Nokomis Cheyenne name meaning "grandmother." native
Nokomis Grandmother (Chippewa) Native American
Nola famous celtic
Nola Famous Celtic
Nolene Feminine of Nolan noble or variant abbreviation of Fenella from Fiona fair. English
Noni Kikuyu of Kenya name. Meaning unknown. african
Noor Light. Arabic
Nora Abbreviation of Eleanora light and Honora honor. English
Nora Light Hebrew
Norabel Abbreviation of Eleanora light and Honora honor. English
Norah light greek
Norah Light Hebrew
Norberaht Bright heroine German
Norberta bright heroine german
Norberta Bright heroine German
Norberte Bright heroine German
Nordica from the north german
Nordica From the north German
Nordika From the north German
Noreen Variant of Nora light:honor Irish
Noreena Variant of Nora light:honor Irish
Norge Norway Norwegian
Nori doctrine; child of ceremony; law; order japanese
Nouf highest point on a mountain arabic
Noura light arabic
Nourbese wonderful egyptian
Nova Hopi name meaning "chases butterfly." native
Nova Chases butterfly (Hopi) Native American
Novalee Chases butterflies. Combination of Nova and Lee. American
Nowa Light Arabic
Nox myth name (night) greek
Noxochicoztli my necklace of flowers nahuatl
Noy decoration hebrew
Noy Decoration Hebrew
Nu girl vietnamese
Nuala Lovely shoulders Irish
Nuallan famous gaelic
Nubia from Nubia egyptian
Nubia Egyptian
Nudar gold arabic
Nudar gold arabic
Nudar Gold Arabic
Nudara Gold Arabic
Nuha intelligence arabic
Nukpana Hopi name meaning " evil." native
Nukpana Evil (Hopi) Native American
Numa beautiful and pleasant arabic
Numees Algonquin name meaning "sister." NUNA native
Numees Sister (Algonquin) Native American
Nuna Land Native American
Nur light arabic
Nura Light. Arabic
Nuray “Moonlight, Light of Moon, or Light Moon.” Turkish
Nureet Plant Hebrew
Nurit Plant Hebrew
Nurita Plant Hebrew
Nuru Swahili unisexual name meaning "light" or "born during the day." african
Nuru born during the day egyptian
Nusa Grace Hebrew
Nusi Grace Hebrew
Nut myth name (sky goddess) egyptian
Nuttah Algonquin name meaning "my heart." native
Nuttah My heart (Algonquin) Native American
Nweh Light Arabic
Nyah Unknown
Nyasia Sweet and Sensitive American
Nycole Same as Nicole or Nichole French
Nyela One who will succeed Arabic
Nyla From the river Nile. Greek
Nympha bride greek
Nynette Variant of Anne prayer. Ninon de Lenclos – seventeenth-century aristocrat famous for her wit and beauty. French
Nyneve The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Nyoko gem japanese
Nysa goal greek
Nyx night greek
Oana meaning unknown romanian
Obax Popular Somalian name meaning "flower." african
Obelia pointed pillar greek
Obharnait The color of olive Irish
Octavia born eighth italian
Octavia eighth romanian
Octavia Beautiful star. Unknown
Ocypete myth name (a Harpy) greek
Oda Elfin spear German
Odahingum Cheyenne name meaning "rippling water." OGIN native
Odahingum Rippling water (Chippewa) Native American
Odanda Famous land Spanish
Ode from the road egyptian
Odeda strong hebrew
Odeda Strong Hebrew
Odede Strong Hebrew
Odele harmonious greek
Odelet little singer greek
Odeletta Little spring French
Odelette little spring french
Odelette Little spring French
Odelia "Little, wealthy one." Some variants are Odelina, Odelinda, Odella, Odelyn, Odelyna, Odette, Odilia, Otha, Othilia, and Ottilie. anglo
Odelia Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odelina Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odelina Elfin spear German
Odelinda Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odella Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odelyn Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odelyna Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odessa wrathful greek
Odette Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odette Wealthy. French
Odette Elfin spear German
Odharnait pale gaelic
Odiana Elfin spear German
Odiane Elfin spear German
Odila Elfin spear German
Odila Wealthy. French
Odile elfin spear german
Odile Wealthy. French
Odile Elfin spear German
Odilia Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Odra from Odra indian
Oenone myth name (lover of Paris) greek
Ofra fawn hebrew
Ofra Fawn Hebrew
Ogin Wild rose Native American
Ohnicio Honor Irish
Ohtli unisexual name meaning "road." nahuatl
Oifa myth name (sister of Ove) celtic
Oifa Mythical sister of Ove Celtic
Oighrig well-spoken greek
Oihane From the forest Spanish
Oilbhe Olive Irish
Oilell a mythical queen celtic
Oilell A mythical queen Celtic
Okelani from heaven hawaiian
Oki middle of the ocean japanese
Okimma Different/One of a kind African
Oksana “Ukrainian,Russian”
Ola Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "precious, worth." african
Ola life; well-being hawaiian
Olabisi brings joy egyptian
Olathe Beautiful Native American
Oldwin Special friend English
Oldwina Special friend English
Oldwyn Special friend English
Oleda winged english
Oleda Winged English
Oleisia protector of man greek
Oleta Winged English
Oletha Light: nimble. English
Olexa Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. English
Olga holy romanian
Oliana oleander hawaiian
Olimpia from Mount Olympus romanian
Olina joyous hawaiian
Olinda defender of the land german
Olinda Defender of the land German
Olinda Protector Spanish
Olita Winged English
Olive Olive Irish
Oliveria Affectionate Spanish
Olivia olive tree romanian
Olivia Olive Spanish
Olufemi beloved of the gods egyptian
Olwen myth name (daughter of Yspaddaden) celtic
Olwen Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden Celtic
Olwyn daughter of a giant arthurian
Olwyn Daughter of a giant Arthurian Legend
Olwyn Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden Celtic
Olwynn All white. Welsh
Olya Unknown Russian
Olympe from Olympus french
Olympe From Olympus French
Olympia from Olympus greek
Olympia from Olympus italian
Olympia From Olympus French
Oma commanding arabic
Oma Commanding Arabic
Oma The color of olive Irish
Oma Cedar tree Hebrew
Omah Cedar tree Hebrew
Omat The color of olive Irish
Omayda Beautiful and sweet Italian
Omette Cedar tree Hebrew
Ominotago Cheyenne name meaning "beautiful voice." native
Ominotago Beautiful voice (Chippewa) Native American
Omorose beautiful egyptian
Omphale myth name (a queen of Lydia) greek
Omusa Miwok name meaning " misses with arrows." native
Omyrah Unknown Unknown
Ona graceful hebrew
Ona Graceful Hebrew
Ona One Irish
Onaedo Ibo of Nigeria female name meaning "gold." african
Onatah Iroquois name meaning "of the earth." ONAWA native
Onawa Wide awake Native American
Onella light greek
Oni West African name meaning "desired." Also a Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning "born in a sacred location." african
Oni wanted egyptian
Onida The one searched for Native American
Onilee Native Ameracan
Onit Graceful Hebrew
Onora honor gaelic
Onora Honor Irish
Ooljee Navajo name meaning " moon." native
Oona One. English
Oona One Irish
Oonagh One Irish
Oota dabun Algonquin name meaning "day star." native
Oota dabun Day star (Algonquin) Native American
Opal jewel PADMA hindi
Ophelia serpentine greek
Ophelia Serpentine French
Ophelie serpentine french
Ophelie wisdom greek
Ophelie Serpentine French
Ophra Fawn Hebrew
Ophrah Fawn Hebrew
Oppida meaning unknown celtic
Oprah Fawn Hebrew
Ora "Money." anglo
Ora beautiful seacoast english
Ora light hebrew
Ora Beautiful seacoast English
Ora Light Hebrew
Ora Money Anglo-Saxon
Ora Gold Spanish
Orabel Beautiful seacoast English
Orabelle Beautiful seacoast English
Orah Light Hebrew
Oralee Light Hebrew
Orali Light Hebrew
Oralie golden english
Oralie Golden English
Orane rising french
Orane Rising French
Ordalf Elfin spear German
Ordella Elfin spear German
Orea from the mountain greek
Orelia Golden English
Orenda Iroquois name meaning "magic power." native
Orghlaith Golden Irish
Orguelleuse an arrogant lady arthurian
Orguelleuse An arrogant lady Arthurian Legend
Oria golden italian
Oriana blond celtic
Oriana Blond Celtic
Orianna Sunrise Unknown
Oriel bird french
Oriel Bird French
Orino workman’s meadow japanese
Orithyia myth name greek
Orla Golden Irish
Orlaith Golden Irish
Orlaithe Golden Irish
Orlee Light Hebrew
Orlena gold french
Orlena Gold French
Orlene Gold French
Orlina Gold French
Ormazd legend name french
Ornah cedar tree hebrew
Ornetta Cedar tree Hebrew
Orpah means either "she who turns her back," or "fawn." hebrew
Orquidea Orchid Spanish
Orquidia Orchid Spanish
Ortygia myth name (Calypso’s island) greek
Orva "Brave friend." anglo
Orva spear friend english
Orva worth gold french
Orva Special friend English
Orva Brave friend Anglo-Saxon
Orva Worth gold French
Orzora God’s strength hebrew
Orzora God’s strength Hebrew
Orzsebet devoted to God hebrew
Orzsebet form of Elizabeth (consecrated to God) hungarian
Orzsebet Devoted to God Hebrew
Osana Health Spanish
Osane health basque
Osane Health Spanish
Osberga Name of a queen.Variant, Osburga, exists. anglo
Osberga Name of a queen Anglo-Saxon
Osburga Name of a queen Anglo-Saxon
Oseye happy egyptian
Otha Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Othili Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Otilie Fortunate heroine German
Otka lucky czechoslovakian
Otka fortunate heroine german
Otka Fortunate heroine German
Ottavia born eighth italian
Otthild Fortunate heroine German
Otthilda Fortunate heroine German
Otthilde Fortunate heroine German
Ottila Fortunate heroine German
Ottilia Fortunate heroine German
Ottilie Little wealthy one Anglo-Saxon
Otylia Fortunate heroine German
Ove myth name (daughter of Dearg) celtic
Ove Mythical daughter of Dearg Celtic
Pabla Little Spanish
Paciencia Patient Spanish
Padma lotus indian
Padraigin Noble Irish
Paeivi day finnish
Page child greek
Page Attendant French
Paharita little bird chamoru
Paige attendant french
Paige Attendant French
Paili bitter hebrew
Paili Bitter Hebrew
Paislee Celtic
Paityn Unknown
Pakuna Miwok name meaning " deer jumping downhill." native
Pakwa Hopi name meaning " frog." native
Pakwa Frog (Hopi) Native American
Palba Blond Spanish
Paliki little hungarian
Pall Bitter Hebrew
Palmira From the city of palms Spanish
Paloma Dove Spanish
Pamela made from honey greek
Pamela Honeyed. Greek
Pamuy Water moon (Hopi) Native American
Pamuya Hopi name meaning " water moon." PAPINA native
Panagiota holy greek
Pandara wife indian
Pandora myth name (released misery and hope into the world) greek
Panphila all-loving greek
Pansy flower french
Pansy flower greek
Pansy Flower French
Panthea all the gods greek
Panya mouse egyptian
Paola little italian
Papan flag nahuatl
Paquita Free Spanish
Park Unisexual name meaning “cypress tree” chinese
Parmis Unknown Unknown
Parnella rock french
Parnella Rock French
Parthenia chaste greek
Pascala Born at Easter French
Pascale born at Easter french
Pascale Born at Easter French
Pascaline Born at Easter French
Pasclina Born at Easter French
Pasha born at Easter greek
Pasiphae myth name (wife of Minos) greek
Pastora Shepherdess Spanish
Patience enduring french
Patience Enduring French
Patli unisexual name meaning "medicine." nahuatl
Patrice noble french
Patrice Noble French
Patricia Noble Spanish
Patrina “Of noble birth, one of purity, and beloved.” Welsh
Patrizia noble italian
Patty lady aramaic
Paula small romanian
Paula Variant of Paul. Unknown
Pauline Unknown
Paulita Little Spanish
Pauwau Witch (Algonquin) Native American
Pavati Clear water (Hopi) Native American
Pavla feminine form of Pavlov (small) czechoslovakian
Pax Peaceful English
Payten Unknown
Paz Golden Hebrew
Paz Peace Spanish
Paza Golden Hebrew
Pazia Golden Hebrew
Pazice Golden Hebrew
Pazit golden hebrew
Pazit Golden Hebrew
Peace peaceful english
Peace Peaceful English
Pedra Stone Spanish
Peg pearl greek
Peigi peg gaelic
Pelagia dweller by the sea greek
Pelicia weaver greek
Pelopia myth name (mother of Aegisthus) greek
Pemphredo myth name (sister of the Gorgons) greek
Penarddun myth name (daughter of Beli) celtic
Penarddun Mythical daughter of Beli Celtic
Pendewe One Xhosa-African
Penelope myth name (faithful wife of Odysseus) greek
Penelope Dream weaver Greek
Penina Pearl Hebrew
Peninah pearl hebrew
Peninah Pearl Hebrew
Pensee thoughtful french
Pensee Thoughtful French
Penthea born fifth greek
Penthesilea myth name (a queen of the Amazons) greek
Peony flower greek
Pephredo myth name (dread) greek
Pepita He shall add Spanish

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