Will Hillary Clinton Be Obama’s Vice President? She may intend to join the ticket

Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting, Vice President Hillary Clinton. Does it have a nice ring to it? Hillary might think so. She may be seriously considering asserting herself as the best Vice President running mate for Obama.

If this campaign has shown us one thing, it’s that Hilary Clinton hasn’t needed any motivation to change her campaign approach time and time again. It looks like her final shift in philosophy will be done with hopes of landing an all-important spot alongside Barack Obama on the presidential ticket. According to a CNN article by Carl Bernstein, those close to the Clinton and Obama campaigns suspect that Clinton might try to – in Clintonesque fashion – force her way into the vice presidential role.

Bernstein’s post brings up some interesting concerns that those within the Democratic Party have at this juncture. Clinton has a number of different options at her disposal if she wants to try to push her way onto Obama’s ticket, and no one is really sure which approach she will take.  He writes:

However, from the perspective of both campaign camps, there is serious concern about the kind of landing she’s aiming for and the precarious task of bringing her plane down, especially if she decides to seek the vice presidential nomination. There could be a number of different landings.

He went on to discuss the possible ways that Clinton could try to earn the nod. Some feel she might try to use political pressure and posturing within the party to force Obama’s hand. Others think she might use a quieter approach, setting up the duo for smooth sailing in the general election. The most dangerous option still remains and lives as the overriding fear for both the Obama campaign and the rest of the Democratic Party. She could go down in a blaze of glory, trying to take Barack Obama with her.

According to Bernstein, it is a near certainty that the former first lady will seek the vice presidential nod in some form or fashion. Bernstein writes:

Almost no one I have spoken to who knows her well doubts that, as she reconciles to the likelihood that her presidential campaign will fall short, she will probably seek the vice presidential spot. One reason: Contrary to common belief, she doesn’t look forward to going back to the Senate, they say.

For anyone who has watched the Clintons in their political maneuvering over the last few years will agree that she will probably change her approach at least one more time before all of this is said and done. Whatever it takes to get her into the White House is what she will look to do, even though Barack Obama isn’t likely to be immediately receptive of any of her overtures.

page topic: Hillary Clinton might want to be Obama’s Vice President Running Mate. Can he refuse her?

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