Who will Obama choose as Vice President? Hillary’s chances of being running mate fading fast

June 7, 2008

Hillary tried to force her way onto the ticket Tuesday, trying to elbow her into being Obama’s Vice President. Regardless of what you think of Hillary, even her biggest supporters stated publicly that she handled Tuesday night poorly, and the next day she got the reality check of her life when conference calls with House and Senate leaders made it very clear she needed to bow out ASAP so they were free to endorse Obama.

Not to be pushed around by her strong arming Tuesday (She also let it leak that she would accept the VP position, creating more pressure on Obama) the Obama camp said it was very unlikely she would be Vice President, because it would require Bill Clinton to release all of his financial dealings, including some suspicious donations to his presidential library, as well as other busness dealings he has had since.
Obama also said he would take weeks to choose a candidate and they all needed to be properly vetted.

His push back along with the Hillary getting the same feedback from every direction she looked led her to quickly change her tune, and she soon let it be known she would be publicly endorsing Obama later in the week, and wanted all her supporters to support him.

Will Hillary Clinton by Obama’s Vice President running mate? It’s seeming less likely every day.  He’s running on fresh change.  And she’s been part of the old guard. There’s much to respect about Hillary clinton, but she doesn’t match his theme of change.

And the bottom line may come down to this: When you mix stale and fresh, it doesn’t freshen the stale, it stales the fresh.

Note: this post has been slightly updated since it was first posted in January, with the topic being will Hillary choose Obama as HER VP!

4 thoughts on “Who will Obama choose as Vice President? Hillary’s chances of being running mate fading fast”

  1. Don’t be fooled. Alot of us who are Obama voters will not simply “not vote”. We will vote for McCain. Clinton is winning from name-recognition, not from ideals or her stands. If given a choice between Clinton and any other opponent left standing, alot of our votes will go to whoever will keep her out of Office.

  2. Ha ha ha! Not so fast! As of right now, it’s been projected that Obama has won both more states, and more delegates from Tuesday (NM has yet to yield either way). A little quick on trigger finger aren’t we? The rabidity of the Obama supporter will only be strengthened after tonight, and his campaign is now receiving almost 3-to-1 dollars compared to Clinton (32mil vs. 13mil) and almost exclusively from small donations that are far from maxed out ad opposed to Clinton’s. Things are looking better and better for his campaign as he now has the opportunity to focus on more individual states, and including more caucuses where his campaign excels at organizing. Clinton-Obama? I don’t think so. Obama-Clinton, perhaps, but the anti-Hillary sentiment is very strong in the GOP and she may ultimately prove to be a liability. I think she has more the makings of a good chief of staff or health secretary.

  3. There is no way that Hillary will get the nomination! Period. She has less of the popular vote, delegates and super delgates. How can someone in second place be talking about the winner being the VP? She is really showing silly, political underhandedness and no one wants an evil person to be president. We already had that and it’s name was Bush.

    Todd Mitchem

  4. Your responses only confirm why Hillary Clinton needs to be our next President. You need to get over it! If Hillary becomes the nominee all Democrats need to stand behind her. Obama intends to support her and unite the party. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of true democracy. We can’t aford another 4 or 8 years of the Republicans.

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