Britney Spears’ Manager Accused of Drugging Britney, gets restraining order

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears’ manager of sorts, drugged Britney and became very controlling, taking over every aspect of her life, according to a restraining order that Britney’s mother, Lynne filed against Sam Lutfi.  All of this according to a CNN article posted Feb 5th, 2008.  The 33 year old met Britney in October and moved in. Lynne accused him of drugging Britney and cutting her phone lines, controlling who she talked to and saw.  According to Lynne, Britney would cry to see her babies and ask what she had to do to see them. Lutfi said she had to keep taking the meds he gave her, and then she could see them.

This is a disturbing development, and raises the question of if there has been an outside influence greatly contributing to Britney’s recent tail spin.  While she is fundamentally responsible for her own actions, having someone that controlling taking over her life when she is already struggling, confused and having difficulty getting it together would make a difficult recover nearly impossible.  If any of these allegations are true, this news actually offers hope that without Lutfi in the picture, maybe Britney has a chance to get her mind and life balanced again.  

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