Vice President Obama: Will Barack Obama be Hillary’s Choice? Clinton Obama 2008?

Ladies and Gentleman, My I introduce the New V.P. of the U.S., Vice President Barack Obama!

Will we be hearing those words? Now that Hillary Clinton is looking a bit stronger than Obama, the question has been floating around, if she gets the nomination, will she choose Barack Obama as her vice president?  He is certainly popular, and indications are that Obama will bring to Denver nearly as many delegates as Hillary Clinton.  Let’s assume that she gets the nomination. Will she go with Hillary/Barack 2008? (Or will it be Clinton/Obama 2008?)

Here are some reasons why Barrack Obama could be Hillary Clinton’s choice to run with her as Vice President:

1. It would unifying the party after a divisive campaign, which is something the democrats will need to get out the vote and minimize democrats jumping ship to vote for Bloomberg.

2. All indications are Obama is going to be playing a big part in the future of the democratic party for years to come. Becoming Vice President now will season him to run for the Presidency in eight years.

3. There is a reasonable belief that his name on the ticket would increase the voter turn out of African American voters in Southern states, which would increase the chances for the Democrats getting elected.  And conversely, for her NOT to choose him would be to create a rift with many black voters, likely leading to lower than average turn out, unless she can convince them she had very good reasons to go with someone else- which is unlikely.  He is seen as the most dynamic and energizing candidate, and any other would be seen as a poor replacement.

4. He will end up with nearly as many delegates as Hillary. This buys him more of a right to join the ticket as Vice President than other leading democrats have.

5. While people like Joe Biden, he doesn’t carry much momentum or wow factor.  “Vice President Barrack Obama” will get people excited, and mobilize and energize the party’s faithful.  As for John Edwards, he was already on the VP ticket last time around. They failed to carry even one southern state.

6. Electing the first African American into such a high office is historic, and while that alone is not reason enough, it certainly adds a great deal of interest and energy to a man already qualified and respected.

Why Hillary might not choose Obama as her Vice Presidential running mate?

1. No President wants to feel upstaged by their VP, nor do they want to feel an eagerness in the ranks or in the public for their time to be over so that the VP can finally take over.

2. See #1.  It’s worth mentioning twice.

3. Obama is seen as more liberal than Hillary.  He won’t help bring over some more conservative and moderate voters who would prefer to see someone closer to center on the ticket.  If the ticket is Clinton Obama, especially as john McCain fades away as the age issue becomes prominent (not many voters have realized he will be 76 when he leaves office, 5 years from now, and then his VP will be running) it will make for a particularly divisive, polarizing race.

4. On a personal level, Obama very likely isn’t particularly excited about being Hillary’s fall guy for the next 8 years. In addition, being VP for 8 years can sometimes give a candidate enough mud (even if it isn’t there own) to taint the view of voters.  Right now, Obama is a fresh, clean slate of enthusiasm and idealism.  He is well aware that after 8 years in the white house as VP, he won’t be seen so freshly or idealistically.  (this holds true even if Hillary loses in after her first term, and he is out of the White house for 4 years).

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12 thoughts on “Vice President Obama: Will Barack Obama be Hillary’s Choice? Clinton Obama 2008?”

  1. If Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee, she will critically need a running mate who has served in the military. This is especially important if McCain becomes her Republican counterpart. I would think that someone like Senator James Webb would be a good choice. He is a war hero who served in Viet Nam and has a good deal of respect from many…and he can hold up his end when it comes to a debate. He would be perfect. I doubt if Obama would want to be her vice president and during the election, the Republicans will bring up negative points that Hillary has helped to bring to the surface.


  2. If Hilary wins the nomination, and does not ask Obama to be the VP you can rest assure the most blacks will stay home and not vote at all for Hilary. They will be pissed. Obama might not want to be the VP but he needs to understand it is not just about him and his personal feelings. He needs to open the gate and take the VP position if offered for the precedance and for future miniorites that might want to run for president. Kennedy could not stand Johnson, it was a shotgun wedding but Kennedy knew that if he did not have Johnson he would lose the election. Sometines you got to eat crow and do what is best for the unity of the party.

  3. Actually Saul most black Americans are split still on Hillary and Obama. My brother, sister and I are LEANING to Obama while my mother and brother’s dad are leaning strongly to Hillary still.

  4. Bottom line, if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination she needs Barack to win the presidency. Period. And vice versa for Barack. He will need Hillary to win. On another note, I am just SOOOO ready for a fresh administration it’s beginning to drive me INSANE!! I’m cool with either one honestly…

  5. Okay, please don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but for those of you who say she might loose the black vote, all i can say is, so what? I read a survey the other day, and they polled like 20,000 women in the south and found that 25% of the white republican women in the south would vote for hillary. And if someone is going to be pissed because they think obama should be in office because he is black, well that is just about as racial a comment you can make. So sit at home and be pissed.

  6. I´m a die hard Barack supporter (and white, 37 yrs old female), and am willing to lean to Clinton if I knew she would bring Barack to her ticket. The Democrats need to unite, and Clinton is smart enough to know that Barack would help her win. Barack saying yes to a possible Vice Presidency would be just as good as winning, as far as I am concerned. I have NEVER been excited for an election until this one, and it´s all because of Obama.

  7. Touchet: you need to brush up on your poilitics!!!so what if blacks dont vote for hillary?LMAO,,are you on drugs,,lol,,are you kidding me…lol,,if john mccain gets merely 30% of the black vote(and with the way bill has bebaved its not so impossible),Hillary is toast..

    i know sometimes its had to tell,,THIS IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY,,, YOU,,,even with 80% black votes,democrats still struggle,,,now you don’t mind 60% going to mccain,,,you need your head

  8. I as a current Obama supporter will not vote for Clinton/Obama. Nor would I vote for him in the future. It’s my first time straying from my republican upbringing, I hope I don’t have to go back. I know Obama is more liberal on several issues but I am willing to give him a chance…on his own.

  9. Makes no sense why Obama would EVER run with Hillary, she represents the same old Washington that lies and does nothing. I’d vote republican before I’d vote Hillary. I like Obama, but no way do I wish him to involve himself with the corrupt Clintons. He is better than that. He does not need Clinton’s and their “help.”

  10. This debate is ridiculous. First of all, Obama is WINNING. Secondly, he would never run with her, especially after all of her bullshit smear tactics during the primary elections. Third, Obama’s supporters want to see him run the show, and VP would not excite them enough to get them to the polls.

    I know I’m not alone when I pledge my vote to Ralph Nader if Obama gets railroaded by super delegates.

  11. If Hilliary is considered for the VP, I will not vote for Obama. I consider her to be an unethical person.

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