Sarah Palin Jokes: Jokes about McCain Running Mate Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Jokes: 8 UNTRUE RUMORS about Sarah Palin.

There are lots of rumors flying around about Alaskan governor Sarah Palin since McCain selected her as his running mate. Here are 8 of the most common rumors, and proof they are completely and utterly untrue:

Sarah Palin Rumors:

Rumor 1. Sarah Palin likes to eat raw polar bear meat. UNTRUE. She likes it medium rare.

Rumor 2. Sarah Palin uses live penguins for target practice. UNTRUE. The live ones wiggle too much.

Rumor 3. Sarah Palin doesn’t know much about defense. UNTRUE. She was once an excellent basketball player.

Rumor 4. Sarah Palin is under investigation for possible abuse of power. UNTRUE. She is under investigation for being CAUGHT possibly abusing power.

Rumor 5. Sarah Palin wants to drill for oil throughout the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. UNTRUE. She has no interest in doing that at all. She just wants oil companies to do it.

Rumor 6. Scholars say Sarah Palin is the least experienced, least qualified, least credentialed person to join a major-party ticket in the modern era. UNTRUE. According to a very recent Wikipedia entry, the “modern era” began in the year 1000 a.d. and records suggest there may have been as many as 3 other people with a comparable degree of inexperience who attempted to gain a national leadership position in their respective countries during that time.

Rumor 7. Sarah Palin strongly dislikes gays. UNTRUE. Her hair stylist for her first major campaign (her town’s beauty pageant) was gay, and she thought he did a fantastic job with her highlights, and used just the right amount of hairspray, and was a pretty likeable person considering his abominable lifestyle.

Rumor 8. Sarah Palin has less than two years of executive leadership experience, in one of the least populated states in the nation, and is completely unprepared to take on international issues. UNTRUE: Her several years of grueling leadership experience as both a PTA leader, and as a part time mayor of a small Alaskan town MORE than qualify her for trips to Russia to negotiate over the Georgian crisis, and trips to Jordon and Egypt to represent the U.S. in talks over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. These are basically the same issue as school bathroom graffiti, just on a slightly larger scale. In addition, Alaska is one of the most populated states in the U.S.*

* source:From Mice to Moose- The Millions of Alaskan Mammals“.




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  1. McCain announced today that he would name Levi Johnston, the future son in law of Sarah Palin, Energy Secretary in his administration. When asked about appointing a high schooler with no experience, McCain said” This guy is perfect for me, not only is he not afraid to drill offshore, he is also comfortable drilling onshore in unprotected areas.”

  2. Thirteen Ways Sarah Palin is Like a Pit Bull
    September 11, 2008

    Question: If the difference between Sarah Palin, hockey mom, and a pit bull is lip stick, then how are they the same?


    1. Both have the same IQ level

    2. Identical levels of foreign policy experience

    3. Neither one teaches their offspring about birth control

    4. Both seem to have unresolved hostility issues

    5.You can’t trust either one not to bite you in the ass

    6. Neither one gives a hoot about global warming

    7. Both enjoy hunting and killing small, furry creatures

    8. Pit bulls often have bite marks on their ears, Sarah Palin often has ear marks in her sights

    9. Neither one reads Harry Potter books to their kids

    10. They are both adored by uneducated rednecks

    11. Both seem completely oblivious to global warming

    12. Many people favor laws requiring them to be muzzled in public

    13. Neither is being interviewed by the major media regarding the upcoming election

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