Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Win means GOP President. Republicans Will Rally to beat Hillary. Obama “dooms” GOP.

Is Hillary Clinton the best way to ensure the Democrats LOSE? Rush Limbaugh thinks so.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t only threatening to support Hillary Clinton as a sour grapes reaction. He sincerely believes that if Obama gets the nomination, the Republicans are in big trouble. If Hillary gets it, the Republicans will unite in their single agreed on desire- that the Clintons NOT return to the Whitehouse.

Rush Limbaugh’s exact words, on February 7, 2008, during his radio show:

I can’t wait ’til the Drive-Bys get hold of my thought, my consideration of helping Hillary raise money. They’ll miss the reason. They’ll just publicize, “Limbaugh is so upset at Romney getting out, he’s thinking of raising money for Hillary, period.

But the reason for raising money for Hillary is because that apparently my party is relying on fear and loathing of Hillary to get the nomination, to unite Republicans, who are, some of them, off the reservation. The Republicans do not seem to be relying on leadership in their party to unite the party. They seem to be relying on all these external things, nobody is going to vote for Hillary, negative turnout factor. What if she’s not the nominee? We’ve got make sure she’s the nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton? You watch, though, you watch how that will be questioned.

And on Feb. 6th Rush Limbough said: If Obama is the nominee, we are doomed, and you should get ready and prepared for it now.
Clearly, Rush Limbaugh believes what many, many others have stated: That the only way the various factions of the Republican party will join together and rally for the Republican candidate is if the Democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton.

While Hillary is arguing that she is the strongest Candidate to take on McCain, there is growin sentiment in both parties that the opposite may in fact materialize. If she is at the head of the Democratic ticket, the Republicans are much more likely to win.  And, as Rush so eloquently put it, “If Obama is the nonimnee, [Republicans] are doomed”.

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1 thought on “Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Win means GOP President. Republicans Will Rally to beat Hillary. Obama “dooms” GOP.”

  1. The above pretty much says what I expected to say. Yes, if Obama is nominated then the republicans have NO chance to win. I say this as one who plans to vote for Hillary! Unfortunately, the media has already decided that Hillary should call it quits!!! As of today, TX, OH, RI, and VT have not even voted. Also,forget me as I live in PA.

    Obama has turned this campaign into a “movement”. It is like a snowball that keeps getting larger with time. The sooner the republicans go after him the better. To wait will be to late.

    After reading 52 articles that have been written by the Chicago Sun Times, I have found Obama’s past relationships very disturbing.

    Relationships: Rezko,London-based IRAQI billionaiare Nadhmi Adhumi along with a Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright who praises Farrakhan and two of the most notorious people of the sixties William Ayers and Bernardine Dohn.

    Unfortunately, Rezko, the Chicago “slumlord” will not go to trial until,March 4th, the day before the next elections. Whenever Obama has been questioned on any of the above, he gives a brief answer and the media accepts and forgets. Example: When questioned about his home purchase that involved Rezko, Obama said “It was a bonehead” thing to do. His relationship with Rezko is long term, 18 years. Obama had to know that Rezko is a very shady person.

    I did not mean to be so long. Hope you follow up.

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