Bloomberg Preparing to Join Presidential Race.

Bloomberg Will Announce he is Running for President within the next 8 weeks.

Bloomberg has been quietly and not so quietly, getting all the pieces into place to begin a massive operation to get his name on the ballot in several states, according to the New York Daily News.   While most pundits believed that McCain’s victory destroys any chance of a Bloomberg bid, his view on the situation is such that he still sees himself as a viable independent candidate:

If Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama turn up the heat on attacking each other, so that they both end up bloodied, bruised, tainted and wounded, which would also result in alienating some democrats and left leaning independents, and if concerns over McCain’s lack of experience with the economy grow, there will be an opening for Bloomberg.

The mayor’s pollster told the Associated Press (according to an article at huffington post   that they can wait another two or three months before making a final decision.

It’s a very interesting situation. Will Bloomberg run? All indications are that he has nothing to lose by a serious campaign bid but a few paltry Billion dollars. Hardly a reason to pass.  And with such an unpredictable election landscape, who knows- he just might throw left and right out of balance, and ride in on the rail.

How would he impact the race? Odds are he would pull from both parties, but enough to win? It’s far too early to say at this point. But it does appear the roller coaster ride that is this campaign season is just getting started.

Page topic: Bloomberg to throw hat in ring and announce running for President, in coming weeks.

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