Obama’s Vice President: The Most Likely Choices for VP on an Obama Ticket

March 13, 2008
Who will Obama pick for His Vice President? Who will he choose to join his ticket as VP (if he’s able to keep Hillary Clinton from grabbing the nomination from him)?
When selecting his Democratic ticket running mate, there are 5 primary areas for Obama to consider. His VP Pick should fit most of these criteria: 
1. First and foremost, strong military or foreign policy experience and credentials.
2. Strong economics experience and credentials.
3. Someone who would help increase votes in a state or region such as California or the North East.
4. Someone who did not endorse another candidate in the primaries (or at least, did not actively campaign for them).
5. Someone with no provable involvement with the Emperors’ Club.
6. Ideally, someone who could be President in 8 years. But this isn’t a deal breaker, as it is balanced by needing someone who seems more experienced, who approaches “elder statesman”.

Given those limitations, it starts to look like Barack Obama will apparently not have a Vice President. But here are a some names floating around that fit the bill to greater or lesser degrees: (Please let us know who you think he’ll choose, or who you’d like him to choose, if he’s able to keep Hillary from grabbing the nomination from him).

1. Senator Joe Biden:  Obama-Biden Ticket
Pro: As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he definitely has the foreign policy cred, is tried and tested from his recent bid for the Democratic nomination, and is liked and respected on both sides of the isle.
Con: Won’t generate much excitement or muster many new votes.  In his mid 60s, won’t be President in 8 years, and age could become an issue in 4 (although he comes across as young for his age).

2. Governor Bill Richardson: Obama-Richardson Ticket
Pro: A lot of global street cred, foreign policy experience and gov. of an important if small swing state. Would increase Hispanic turn out.
Con: He just doesn’t come across to many people as very presidential or vice presidential. He might be better used in another important national position. Might reduce Republican

3. Senator Chris Dodd: Obama-Dodd Ticket
Pro: Experience and expertise on the economy. Recent practice campaigning
Con: Was he in the race a few months back? No one seems to really recall. Also, he said “who would want to be Vice President?” and said he wasn’t up to the job. 

4. Michael Bloomberg: Obama-Bloomberg Ticket
Pro: It’s the economy stupid. Plus he’s got a few extra Billion to put into the race.
Con: We may THINK it’s the economy stupid, but first and foremost people need to feel the country is safe, so FIRST it’s foreign policy and international experience stupid.

5. Tom Daschle: Obama-Daschle Ticket
Pro: Household name, did a fair job as majority leader, integrity, likeable guy, beltway votes
Con: What would he really add to the ticket to give it a real boost? Also not likely to run for President in 8 years since he’d be 69, and we all know that’s too old to run for- oh, nevermind.
6. General Wesley Clark: Obama-Clark Ticket
Pro: He definitely has the military cred. Plus, he said this: “Imagine a world in which we saw beyond the lines that divide us, and celebrated our differences, instead of hiding from them. Imagine a world in which we finally recognized that, fundamentally, we are all the same. And imagine if we allowed that new understanding to build relations between people and between nations.” Wes Clark, Manchester, NH January 10, 2004
Con: He is close and loyal friend to Hillary, and endorsed her.  As much as people want military experience, is he well-rounded enough and experienced enough in politics to lead the nation if called to?

7. Hillary Clinton: Obama-Clinton Ticket
Pro: the Dream Team. The women’s vote
Con: Assuming no close associations come up regarding criterion number 5 above. The cons include all of her harsh attacks on Obama. Would she settle for number two since probably considered too old in 8 years for number one. Does it actually help Obama with the 3am question? The question of would she be able to accomplish as much as VP as she would in the senate?  Would Obama want the extra baggage of the Clinton years in his attempt to start new?

8. Eliot Spitzer:
Pro: stitute
Con: victed

Here are some other names being thrown around for Obama’s VP:

Former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
Virginia Governor Tim Kaine
Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius
Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack 
Senator Jim Webb from Virginia
Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn
Senator Bob Kerrey
Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Vice President: The Most Likely Choices for VP on an Obama Ticket”

  1. Life cannot be so ironic that after this exhaustingly interesting primary battle, the winner would put Sam Nunn on the ticket and force this voter to consider voting for McCain and 100 years of war! But I could not consider giving Nunn even a half vote by scratching.

  2. The Democratic Party is in Fine Shape. The only thing they need to learn is that when life gives them Lemons to make kool-aid! Lots & Lots of kool-aid!

  3. I was a Biden supporter and think Biden is a perfect VP choice for Obama…he brings military/foreign policy experience and he is a white male (even though that should not matter we all know it does)

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