25% of Hillary Voters in Mississippi were Republicans trying to hurt Democrats!

John K. Wilson has an excellent post on Huffingtonpost.com discussing the Limbaugh effect in Mississippi.  Rush Limbaugh has been encouraging Republican Hillary haters to vote for her to prolong the Democratic mayhem.  Now that the GOP race is resolved, Republicans don’t have to worry about making their vote count.

Wilson crunches the numbers and finds that about 40,000 Republicans in Mississippi voted for Hillary Clinton to help damage the Democratic Party this year with a divided convention.

Fully 9% of the people voting in the Democratic primary were Republicans voting for Clinton. That means that almost one-quarter of Clinton’s votes in Mississippi came from Republicans, nearly all of whom hate Clinton but wanted to distort the results of the Democratic primary. By contrast, Obama’s Republican vote, at 3%, was similar to his historical average throughout the primaries.

Approximately 25% of Clinton’s voters in Mississippi were Republicans voting for a candidate they hate in order to try to undermine Barack Obama. Obama’s 61-37 margin of victory in Mississippi would have been around 70-30 without Clinton’s Republican voters, and Obama would have easily expanded his delegate win there from 19-14 to 24-9.

That’s an astounding figure, and it is disappointing that some Republicans would try to enfluence the other party’s nomination through reverse manipulation, which is certainly not what Democracy is based on.  They robbed Obama of around 6 precious delegates, and gave them to Hillary, undeserved and unearned.  It’s surprising and disappointing that someone who “loves America” as much as Rush Limbaugh claims would recommend deliberately derailing the democratic process.

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