Mars “Alien” Image: A Picture of a humanoid on Mars, or a rock and shadow?

Have you seen this picture image of a alien life on Mars? Is it Big foot? A Mars ape? A humanoid?


Well, while this picture has been all the buzz on the internet, with all kinds of theories and possibilities, it seems the question has been solved.  The image was among many sent back to Earth by Spirit, NASA’s Mars explorer vehicle over the last years.  Sir Charles W. Shults III , of Xenotech Research, has analyzed the image.  This from his Xenotech website, where he show’s a 3d image of the mars image- it’s a stereo image taken from two view points- which he says proves it’s rock and shadow.

George Noory [from coast to coast AM] had some questions about this image from Mars that appears to show a person sitting on a rock with an arm extended. I have found the sources images from Spirit, Sol 1367 and assembled a stereo view and it turns out to be an illusion.

The rock in question is very thin, eroded strangely, but most definitely not a human figure. It is a very unusual rock that appears identical to a human form, but only when viewed as a flat image. The illusion falls apart when you see it in 3D.

Here is the original Nasa Image of that contains the Mars “alien”.

Here’s the larger image, from the Spirit rover, of the Mars humanoid.

3d sterio image of mars alien picture

15 thoughts on “Mars “Alien” Image: A Picture of a humanoid on Mars, or a rock and shadow?”

  1. It’s not a fake image, it’s either a very suggestive rock or evidence of life on mars! i’d love it to be the latter!

  2. I’m a Graphic Artist and I have to say it looks more like a Rock that has Eroded. BUT other Evidence has been Found on Mars such as Man Made Geometric Shapes so I reserve Judgement until I blow it up to look it over. Don’t forget thaty Man Made Objects were found on Mars and also the Moon. Do some Research and look at the Scientists Reports. Look into Mitchell and Coopers Reports as they are Astronauts that were sworn to decrecy and waited for many years to tell what they know. They are Very Credible Men Trained by NASA. Terry R

  3. Iv just been searching random pictures on Google. Im 13 so Im very expectant and since this is one of the pictures coming up most Iv had lots of comments on it… A fair few people say its a rock and some shadow BUT looking just abit further down ’till u see the edge coming into view if u look to the RIGHT u can see a plant like object….

  4. It looks so hot possible really high radiation so if it is a creature it could explain the tough looking dark skin it has, possible female. But if its a real creature it would need to be tough and hardy to live in the extreme enviroment

    Mars looks a tough place to me……..

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