Will the repercussions of the Clinton/Clinton Obama Feud include no Obama as Vice President?

Will the Clinton Clinton Obama Feud destroy the chance of Obama being Hillary’s Vice President?

The bickering, arguing, attacking and accusations between Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been getting more intense in recent days.  While they called a truce on the race fights, at least for now, the feud has nonetheless been intensifying.

It’s a delicate balance for Bill, Hillary and Barack.  If Obama and Hillary come on too strong, they know they risk turning off voters who are tired of bickering and political attacks. They must balance looking strong and putting their opponent on the defensive, without crossing the line too many times (they are undoubtedly making calculated brief attacks crossing the line). 

As for Bill Clinton, he runs the risk of losing the positive regard towards him, by being Hillary’s attack dog.  Even today, he told a reporter “Shame on you”, in his now familiar red-faced, indignant, “how dare you” delivery.  It brings up memories of a certain day when he wagged his finger and said “I want you people to listen to me.” Regarding a certain young woman named Monica. Does he really want to crowd out all the good will he’s accrued these last 7 years, by being an attack dog?  He is no doubt trying to carefully navigate the minefield of tag team, two against one politics. 

What personal price in popularity and good will is he willing to pay to get his wife into the White House?  He’s already gone farther than most would have expected. And he shows no signs of slowing down.  One of the possible scenarios of how this will play out is that he will cross the line one too many times, and become a liability for Hillary.  He is spending his accrued respect far too fast these days to save any for the general election. He may be calculating that the horse race with Obama is Hillary’s most dangerous time, and where she needs him the most.

So, it’s an interesting situation, to say the last, with repercussions that will be felt in the general election.  One of the questions that has been under the surface in recent days is how will this impact the VP choice? Most pundits agree, if Obama did manage to win the nomination, Hillary would not agree to being Vice President, even if she were invited.  But what if Hillary wins? If this bickering continues, it may very soon reach a point where it is beyond repair.  Where she can not justify inviting him to be Vice President after both she and Bull Dog Bill have been harshly attacking him for weeks.

That’s unfortunate. Because to have a Hillary Obama ticket would be not only a revolutionary step forward, it would have the two strong, qualified politicians, and groom Obama to run for the Presidency in 8 years, when no one could possibly argue he doesn’t yet have enough experience.

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